Suicide Awareness Event

Washington, DC

July 2007



Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network

with Members of US Congress.

Scott Ridgway, Executive Director; Dustin Keller, Project Director of Tennessee Lives Count; Tiffany Washington, Trainer for TLC; Lucy Lavender, Trainer for TLC; Madge Tullis, member of the SPAN Board of Directors; Judy Shamburger & Karyl Chastain Beal


 Sen. Lincoln Davis - District


 Rep. Steve Cohen, 9th District



Rep. Marsha Blackburn - 7th District

Rep. John Tanner - 8th District


 Rep. Jim Cooper - 5th District

Karyl with Sen. Lincoln Davis & With Ms. Sharon Smith


Karyl with Jerry Reed

Receiving Sandy Martin Grassroots Award



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T S P N  S P A N