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Gloria Muriel Miller (1927)

This is a genealogical chart showing a direct line from Gloria's maternal great grand parents to her.

Patrick Moran married Anne Blackburn in Ireland. Both were born in Ireland. (Anne was the only known daughter of her parents.)

Their daughter was Anne Moran. Anne was born in County Mayo, Ireland on September 22, 1942. She died in Markhanna, Pennsylvania in January 1936.

Anne married Joseph Judd in 1876.

Joseph was born in 1847 in Charley, Lankinshire, England. Joseph died in 1912 in Markhana or Coupon, Pennsylvania.
Both are buried in Ashville, Pennsylvania.

Anne and Joseph had 5 children.

1. Joseph Judd, Jr. who married Margaret Conway. They had 2 children, Annie Judd who married Charles Myers and Lloyd Judd who married Anne Cawley.

Joseph Judd, Jr. and Charles Myers had 2 children, Bernadine and Pat, who were living in Chicago, Illinois when this document was written in the late 1970's.

2. William Judd who married Martha. They had 4 or 5 children. William, Joseph, Raymond, Daughter (name unknown). Some children or grandchildren lived in the area of Tipton and Altoona, Pennsylvania area.

3. Unknown name - Female

4. Emma Judd who married Charles Conway. They had about 10 or 12 children. Some of them were: Art, Bill, Russ, Clem, Ken, Hazel, Elfra. Some children lived in the Galitzin - Altoona, Pennsylvania area.

5. Catherine Judd who married Raymond Miller in Pennsylvania. Their 2 children were Margie and Gloria.

Margie married Harry Bowman. Their children were John Bowman, Karen Bowman (who married Ed Miller and had a daughter named Robin), Susan Bowman (who married Male Zimmerman and had 2 sons), and Patrick Bowman, who was killed in a fire.

Gloria married Patrick Marvin Chastain, and her children are identified in the redbook.