Mary Effie Harrell Chastain





Mammaw's Grandparents: Robert Lee Massey (1837 - 1911)

& Adaline Folsom Massey (1646 - 1886)





Mary Effie Harrell - Age 10          Mary Effie & Luther Cleveland    Chastain. Happy Couple!





Left Photo: Mammaw at school in Shellman, Georgia around 1911. Mammaw is in center with her hair in locks and a ribbon in her hair, hands neatly folded in her lap.

Right Photo: Mammaw at school in Boston, Georgia around 1914. Mammaw is sitting on the left, the girl with the scarf around her neck and her hair pulled back. Third girl from the teacher







Above: Mammaw with Arlyn, Teresa, Alyson, Julie. With Rebecca, Julie, son Pat, Sr. Below, Mammaw & Aunt Cora with Alyson. Mammaw with her children:  Resa, Kenrad, Eileen,  L.C., Pat