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A4. Jesse Edward Chastain, b. 13 May 1880 in Thomas County, Georgia. Died 2 February 1934. buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, Georgia. Farmer. Owner of Chastain Bicycle Company.

     M1. Abbie Pearl Crawford on 22 May 1904 in Pelham, Georgia. She was born 21 December 1884; d. 20 February 1973. Bur. At Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, GA.

     B1. Leon Edward “Jack” Chastain. B. 25 August 1906 in Mitchell County, Georgia. Died August 1949. Bur. Westview Cemetery in Moultrie, Georgia.
     m. Ruth Calhoun from Dalton, GA. On 25 August 1929.

     C1. Jack Calhoun Chastain, b. 12 August 1932 in Thomasville, Georgia.
     m. Beth Tune Holden in Shelbyville, Tenn. On 16 June 1960.

          D1. Paul Holden Chastain, b. 30 June 1961 in Moultrie, Georgia.
         D2. Lee Edward Chastain, b. 24 June 1962 in Moultrie, Georgia.
          D3. Elizabeth Louise Chastain, b. 28 April 1969 in Moultrie, Georgia.

     C2. Patricia Ruth Chastain. B. 24 December 1934 in Thomasville, Georgia.
     m. Alton Tucker Childs from Tifton, Georgia on 19 March 1959 in Moultrie, Georgia.

Jesse Edward Chastain





               D1. Alton Tucker Childs. Jr. b. 12 April 1961 in Tifton, Georgia.
               D2. John Michael Childs, b. 13 February 1953 in Tifton, Georgia.
               3. Michael Calhoun Childs, b. 26 November 1968 in Tifton, Georgia.

     B2. Jesse Robert Chastain (Nip), born 8 January 1910. Died 22 May 1964 of a heart attack. Bur. Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, Georgia. Owned Chastain Bicycle Company. Born in Thomas County, Georgia.
     M1. Ruby Lee Bennett on 2 July 1927 in Monticello, Florida. She was born 24 June 1911 in Waycross, Georgia. They divorced around 1937.

     C1. Robert Edward Chastain, b. 10 June 1928 in Quincy, Florida. Died August 1949 in automobile accident. Buried in Thomasville, Georgia.

     C2. Betty Ann Chastain, b. 21 April 1931.
          m. John T. Miller in Waycross, Georgia. He was born 12 February 1929. They divorced August 1969.

          D1. Deborah Jean Miller, b. 22 April 1950 in Quitman, Georgia.
          m. William Biggers Whatley III on 9 June 1963 in Opelika, ALA. He was born 29 May 1950.

               E1. William Stites Whatley III, b. 4 July 1975 in Columbus, Georgia.
               E2. William Biggers Whatley IV, b. 26 December 1978 in Columbus, Georgia.

          D2. Sheron Elaine Miller, b. 12 August 1952 in Pavo, Georgia.
               m. Geter Meadows in Opelika, ALA. On 19 May 1974.

              E1. Ryan Meadows, b. 25 December 1977 in Opelika, ALA.

          D3. Beverly Ann Miller, b. 3 October 1954 in Thomasville, Georgia.
          m. Robert Letlow in Opelika, ALA. In October 1973.





E1. Amanda Letlow, b. 19 February 1974 in Opelika, ALA.
E2. Natalie Letlow, b. 14 October 1976 in Opelika, ALA.
E3. Brittany Letlow, b. 14 November 1977 in Opelika, ALA.

D4. John Robert Miller, b. 22 September 1959 in Thomasville, Georgia.
m. Stacey Thomas on 4 March 1978 in Opelika, ALA.

D5. Barbara Kim Miller, b. 20 July 1961 in Thomasville.
M2. Billy Hitchcock on 8 October 1976 in Opelika, ALA. He was born 31 July 1916.

C3. Barbara Jean Chastain, b. 18 January 1933 in Waycross, Georgia.
M1. Thomas Joshua Mims on 18 January 1951 in Thomasville. He was born on 23 November 1929. They divorced June 1954.

D1. Thomas David Mims, b. 22 June 1953 in Atlanta, Georgia. M. Deborah Griffin in Thomasville. She was born 10 December 1953.

E1. Heather Suzanne Mims, b. 24 May 1977 in Thomasville, Georgia.

M2. Herbert Braxton Baggett on 5 February 1955 in Thomasville, Georgia. He was born 6 September 1931 in Cairo, Georgia.

D2. Herbert Braxton Baggett, Jr. b. 10 March 1956 in Valdosta, Georgia.
D3. Robert Braxton Baggett, b. 16 November 1961 in Tampa, Florida.

M2. Janie Jordan King

B3. James William Chastain (Jim), b. 5 January 1925 in Thomasville, Georgia. D. 17 June 1970 in Augusta, GA of leukemia. Buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, Georgia. Owned Chastain Bicycle Company.

m. Maxine Kinsey on 29 June 1947 in Cairo, Georgia.


                                                                           102 Update   
(Following info received from Terry Knudsen (known as James Terry Chastain at birth on December 3, 2009.)

B3. James William Chastain (Jim)

m1. Alice (Becki) Elizabeth Truett. Divorced.

C1. James Terry Chastain. 12 October 1946 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

(Adopted by Mr. Knudsen, who married Alice Elizabeth Truett after she and Jim divorced. Called Terry, when he was adopted, his name was then changed to James Terry Knudsen.)

 Terry served in Viet Nam from 1968 - 1972 as a US Marine. He also served in the army. Married, but no children. Lives in central Florida today.





C1. Nellie Juana Chastain, b. 14 March 1948 in Thomasville, Georgia.
m. John Riley Wilson on 27 July 1966 in Monticello, Florida

D1.Gina Louise Wilson, b. 1 April 1968.
D2. Natalie Elaine Wilson, b. 8 August 1972.

C 2. Jesse Carson Chastain, b. 30 October 1949 in Thomasville, Georgia.
m. Charlotte Slaughter on 17 October 1974.
D1. Charlotte Chastain, b. 16 October 1976.

C3. Alan Wayne Chastain, b. 29 July 1952 in Thomasville.

C4. James William Chastain, Jr. b. 19 August 1956.

B4. Mack Crawford Chastain, b. 6 September 1917.
m. Madge LeGette from Cairo, Georgia on 15 June 1944.

C1. Howard Crawford Chastain, b. 9 June 1945.
m. Linda Faye Barnard on 9 July 1969.

D1. James Howard Chastain, b. 18 November 1970.

C2. Stewart James Chastain, b. 27 January 1950. Died 14 June 1970.

C3. Madge Chastain, b. 28 October 1952. M. James Dennis Hester on 10 June 1972.

B5. Juana Chastain, b. 2 June 1913. D. 10 March 1942. Buried in Thomasville, Georgia. M. Russell E. Dickey.

C1. Jan Crawford Dickey, b. 8 October 1958.
m. Frank Goolsby
D1. Jason Goolsby

B6. Lois Abbie Chastain, b. 14 March 1920.
M1. Edwin Godwin 26 January 1937. Divorced 1941.
M2. Norman Everett Burroughs on 14 March 1942.

C1. Edwina Kay Burroughs, b. 9 November 1937.
m. Charles Eugene Rentz 15 March 1964. Divorced 1972.

D1. Charles Whitney Rentz, b. 10 December 1968.
D2. Jan Susan Rentz, b. 4 January 1966.
M2. Ronnie Lewis on 1 November 1975.


                                                                           103 Update   

(Following info received from Heather Chastain, daughter of C1. Howard Crawford Chastain, in late December 2009.)

C1 Howard Crawford Chastain, correct birth date is 6 September 1945. He was born in south Georgia, either Grady or Thomas County. Divorced from Linda in mid-1970's.

Howard served in the US Marines 1966 - 1969 in Viet Nam.

M2 Vicky Elkins on 25 November 1980 (or 81) in Cairo, Georgia. (They live in Birmingham, Alabama as of December 26, 2009. Vicky was also born in south Georgia, either Grady or Thomas County.)

D2 Vicky's daughter Heather was raised by Howard Crawford Chastain from age 3 and had her name changed to Heather Chastain.

Heather was born on 13 October 1977 in Thomasville, Georgia.

D3 Victoria Chastain, born 30 December 1982 in Birmingham, Alabama.

D1. James Howard Chastain. Corrected birth date is 17 November 1970. Served in US Marines 1989 - 1993, Desert SHeild - Desert Storm.

James married m1. Leslie Peterson on 22 August 1998 in Birmingham, Alabama.

E1. Kennedy Elizabeth Chastain, born 13 December 2000 in Birmingham, Alabama.l





C2. Martha Susan Burroughs, b. 7 March 1947.
m. John Lester Hancock on 27 September 1964. He was born 2 October 1943.

D1. Susan Kaye Hancock, b. 2 September 1965.
D2. April Lynn Hancock, b. 18 April 1970.

A5. Elizabeth Chastain (Bessie), b. 22 January 1988 in Thomas County, Georgia. Died in Gainesville, Georgia on 20 October 1973. Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Gainesville.

m. George Ambrus Cooley, brother of James W. Cooley who married Kate Chastain (A10).

B1. Lloyd Jack Cooley, b. 19 June 1908. Died in 1937 of appendicitis. Buried in Manchester, Tennessee.

B2. Thelma Cooley (Male), b. May 1911 in Pelham, Georgia. Died and buried there in 1913.

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Page 104. Information from records of Church of Latter Day Saints

A5. Bessie Chastain married George Ambrus Cooley around 1906. (George Ambrus Cooley was born around 1880.)