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A6. JAMES JACKSON CHASTAIN (Jim), b. 1852 in Thomas County, Georgia. D. 1895. Buried at Old Henry Cemetery in Thomas County, Georgia (UMG).

m. SARAH WEBB ALDREDGE on 1 December 1875 in Thomas County, Georgia.

     B1. Tilden Hendrix Chastain, b. 24 September 1876
     B2. Ellet Chastain, b. 17 February 1878
     B3. Jimmy Chastain, b. March 1879
     B4. Jesse Edward Chastain, 13 May 1880
     B5. LUTHER CLEVELAND CHASTAIN, b. 21 October 1884
     B6. Elizabeth Chastain, b. 2 January 1883
     B7. John Rennie Chastasin, b. April 1886
     B8. Peter Hubert Chastain, b. June 1888
     B9. Leonard Chastain, March 1890c.
     B10. Kate Ethel Mae Chastain, B. 26 May 1891
     B11. Carrie Chastain, B. 20 March 1893
     B12. Minnie Chastain, b. 1894.

(This family elaborated more in group 2C.)






A7. Joseph R. Chastain (Joe). B. 8 Apirl 1853 in Georgia. D. 13 May 1903. Bur. Old Hendry Cemetery (MG) in Thomas County, Georgia.
m. Mary Jane Carter on 15 November 1876 in Thomas County, Georgia.
She was born in 1854.

     B1. Sadie Chastain, m. Charlie Rehberg.

          C1. Grace Rehberg, m. Mr. Suber
          C2. C. F. Rehberg
          C3. Ruby Rehberg, m. Fred Clements
          Two more sons

     B2. Levey Cleveland Chastain, m. Ethel R. Grable in Thomas County,
          Georgia on 10 June 1917.

     B3. William Chastain, b. 1878 in Georgia
     B4. Charlie Chastain, b. 1880 (March) in Georgia.

A8. Mary K. Chastain, b. 1853 in Georgia. Called Mamie.
m. W. Z. Carter on 15 Janaury 1884 in Thomas County, Georgia.
No children.

A9. Minnie Chastain, twin sister of Mamie. B. 1853. Died at birth.

A10. Sallie Chastain. B. 1858 in Georgia. Died unmarried.

A11. Mattie Rebecca Chastain. B. 30 October 1859 in Georgia.
m. George Rainey Carter on 3 January 1895 in Thomas County, Georgia.
He was born on 6 January 1860.

     B1. Estelle Ramsey Carter, b. 1 November 1897. d. May 1977. Unmarried.
     B2. Anne Mae Carter, b. 12 May 1899. m. Jack Curry. Lies in Madison,
     B3. Evie Corrine Carter, b. 28 August 1902. m1. Henry Mobley.
     M2. Barney Brock on 14 July 1963.

A12. Martha Chastain, b. 1859. Possibly a twin for Mattie?
A13. Arperllit Chastain, b. 1861 in Georgia.




A14. Harriet C. Chastain (Hattie), b. 1863 in Georgia.
m. Homer Carter on 23 January 1889 in Thomas County, GA.

     B1. William Henry Carter, m. Lilla Cone.

     B2. Levey CzRter. M. Wilma West.
             C1. Howard Carter
             C2. Sherry Ann Carter, m Dr. Chambliss. Lives in Moultrie, Georgia.

     B3. Sharpe Carter, lives in Bradenton, Florida.
     M1. Shelly Davis. M2. Anna

     B4. Florrie Carter. Lives in Jacksonville, Florida.
         m. Lester Horne on 3 September 1916 in Thomas County, Georgia

B5. Esther Carter, m. William Sherrod on 7 April 1917 in Thomas County, Georgia. Lives in     Greenville, Florida.

B6. Maude Carter, lives in Madison, Florida. M. Edgar Stewart.

A15. George Solomon Chastain, Jr. (Bud), b. 1867 in Georgia.
D. 10 May 191. Bur. In Tampa, Florida.
m. Anna Mirriah Fleetwood. She was born 1865; d. 1904.
Bur. Little Ochlocknee Cemetery in Thomas County, Georgia

     B1. Henry Martin Chastain, m. Effie May Smith
     B2. Lessie Irene Chastain, m. Mack Hill, lives in Palmetto, Florida.
     B3. Frances Amelia Chastain, m. Alton Harrison
     B4. George Aaron Chastain, Lives in Palmetto, Florida.
     m. Katey Elizabeth Brady on 9 February 1925 in Thomas County,
     B5. Ruth Chastain, lives in Palmetto, Flo. M. Wendell Thompson
     B6. Missouria Chastain (Zu), m. Leon Taylor on 2 April 1928
         In Thomas County, Georgia. Lives in Thomasville.
     B7. Frances Pauline Chastain (Polly), b. 1908. d. 1967 on Thanksgiving
         Bur. In Thomasville. M. Dave Thomas
     B8. David Osteen Chastain, b. 22 December, m. Alice McCrary.
        Lives in Florida.



B9. Thomas Watson Chastain, m. Catherine

B10. Travis DeLeon Chastain, b. 1918. Lives in Nashville, Tennessee. M. Clara Fore who is deceased

B11. Infant, born dead

B12. Infant, born dead.

"It is worthwhile for anyone to have behind him a few generations of honest, hardworking ancestry." John Phillips Marquand, 1939.