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3C(A). JESSE M. ALDREDGE, b. 31 March 1819 in Lenoir County, North Carolina. Died 16 February 1890. Bur. in Bold Springs Cemetery in Grady County, Georgia (MG). A Methodist. A Mason. Son of William N. Aldredge and his wife, both born in North Carolina.
Jesse and his family came south c. 1849, headed to Texas, but because of sickness, stopped in Jefferson County, Florida and stayed. In 1863, Jesse and Martha Ann moved to Chastain, Georgia (Thomas County) where Jesse ran a grist mill, and understood the job of safe-guarding the women and children during the war. It is reported that he also had some skills as a country doctor.

M1. Mary Maria Moore, by Lemuel Aldridge on 27 January 1841. She had
been born 9 October 1819; d. 12 April 1854.

M2. Martha Ann Amarintha Umphress on 15 May 1855 in Monticello, Florida. She was born 6 March 1836 in Georgia. Died 3 October 1918. Bur. Bold Springs Cemetery in Grady County, Georgia (MG). She was a Methodist, daughter of MItchel B. and Martha Umphress.

Descendents of Mary Maria Moore and Jesse M. Aldredge:

     B1. Martha Jane Aldridge, b. 25 October 1841. m. Mr. Simmons in May

     B2. William Newton Aldredge, b. 10 July 1844. Was in the Civil War. M. Laure E. Hutecheson   on 31 August 1865 in Thomas County.

     B3. Thomas Guilford Aldredge, b. 24 October 1846. Was in he civil War.

     B4. Mary Cornelia Aldredge, b. 22 March 1849. M. Mr. Hutcheson. D. 22 April 1933.

     B5. Alexander Aldredge, b. 31 March 1854; d. 27 July 1854.

(Jesse M. Aldredge owned one “slave,” a Negro man named Tom who continued to live with the family after slaves were freed until his death. He too is buried at Bold Springs Cemetery in Grady County in an unknown, unmarked location.)

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3CA Jesse Aldredge. In records held by Church of Latter Day Saints, spelling is Jesse Aldridge, son of William N. Aldridge and Mary Maria Moore. Born 31 March 1819, Lenoir, North Carolina. Died 17 February 1890.


Marriage license from Jefferson County, Florida (Monticello). Certified.
Jesse Aldredge to Martha Ann Amarintha Umphress on 12 May 1855



Graves of Martha Ann Umphress and Jesse M. Aldredge, Bold Springs Cemetery, Grady County.

 Monument at grave of Martha Ann Umphress Aldredge

Jesse M. Aldredge   

 Monument at grave of Matha Ann Umphress Aldredge




Descendents of Martha Ann and Jesse Aldredge

Descendents of Martha Ann and Jesse Aldredge

A1. SARAH WEBB ALDREDGE, born 6 April 1856 in Florida. Died in Thomasville, Georgia 26 July 1940. Married James Jackson Chastain in Thomas County, Georgia on 11 December 1875.

     B1. Tilden Hendrix Chastain, b. 24 September 1876
     B2. Ellet Chastain, b. 17 February 1878
     B3. Jimmy Chastain, b. March 1879
     B4. Jesse Edward Chastain, 13 May 1880
     B5. LUTHER CLEVELAND CHASTAIN, b. 21 October 1884
     B6. Elizabeth Chastain, b. 2 January 1883
     B7. John Rennie Chastain, b. April 1886
     B8. Peter Hubert Chastain, b. June 1888
     B9. Leonard Chastain, March 1890.
     B10. Kate Ethel Mae Chastain, B. 26 May 1891
     B11. Carrie Chastain, B. 20 March 1893
     B12. Minnie Chastain, b. 1894.\

(This family elaborated more in group 2C.)

A2. John Mitchell Umphress Aldredge, born 28 September 1859 in Georgia.
Died 27 May 1927 and buried at Bold Springs Cemetery in Grady County,
m. Isabelle Singleton on 28 September 1881. She was born on 25 August
1858, and died 20 January 1930. Also buried at Bold Springs Cemetery.

     B1. Mary Isabelle Aldredge, born 23 July 1895. Died 11 September 1895.
     Buried at Bold Springs Cemetery.

     B2. Lummie Aldredge
     B3. Lavinia Aldredge
     B4. Annie John Aldredge
     B5. Tom Aldredge
     B6. Sandy Aldredge (male)




A3. Nancy Susan Aldredge (Sue), born 16 October 1860 in Florida.
m. Andrew Atkinson n 6 May 1883 in Thomas County, Georgia.

     B1. Grace Atkinson, b. 1896. Died 1956. buried at Bold Springs Cemetery.
     m. Mr. Newby

     B2. Jim Atkinson

A4. Elizabeth Arminta Tabitah Aldredge, (Lizzie, Lid), born 15 September 1863 in Florida. Died 22 December 1946. Buried at Bold Springs Cemetery. Bore no children, bur raised some of those her husband had by previous marriage.
m. Jasper R. Peacock on 4 March 1902 in Thomas County, Georgia.

A5. Jesse Miller Aldredge (Bud), born 21 jaaury 1966 in Georgia. Died 15 May 1928. Burieda t Bold Springs Cemetery. Was a minister. (MG)
M1. Gertrude Bryan on 10 November 1888. She is also buried at Bold Springs Cemetery. (MG)

M2. Bessie Mae Jones on 10 March 1910.

     B1. Malisia Aldredge. Lives in Cairo, Georgia.
     m. Paul Hudson

     B2. Gertrude Aldredge. Lives in Thomasville, Georgia.
     m. Mr. Drew

     B3. Vera P. Aldredge, b. 25 Nov. 1900; Died 12 September 1902. Buried at Bold Springs Cemetery.      (MG)

     B4. Infant daughter, b. 27 March 1908. Died 12 September 1902. Buried at Bold Springs Cemetery.  (MG)

     B5. Clyde P. Aldredge, b. 10 March 1911; D 23 March 1911. buried at Bold Springs Cemetery (MG)

     B6. Lola May Aldredge, b. 19 September 1912; d. 12 Novwember 1912. Buried at Bold Springs Cemetery (MG)

     B7. Ralph H. Aldredge, b. 10 March 1919; d. 27 March 1919. Buried at Bold Springs Cemetery (MG)




A6. Atomissie Lugenia Aldredge, born 4 November 1868 in Georgia. Died 11 May 1895.

m. Robert Arline on 12 September 1892.

A7. Minnie Theodisia Aldredge, b. 31 August 1871 in Georgia. Died 23 October 1900 in Texas and buried there.

m. David Tucker 3 August 1892.

A8. Ella Francis Lavinia Aldredge, born 25 Janaury 1873 in georgia. Married A. Glenn McCord on 12 December 1894 in Thomas County, Georgia.

     B1. Gladys McCord

     B2. Irene McCord

The Aldredge sisters, L-R: Ella Aldredge McCord, Lizzie Aldredge Peacock, Sue Aldredge Atkinson, Sara Aldredge Chastain

L. Lizzie Aldredge Peacock

R. Sarah Webb Aldredge Chastain





4C(U). MITCHEL B. UMPHRESS, born 1815 in Georgia.

m. MARTHA who was born 1822 in Georgia. They lived in Jefferson County, Florida in 1850.


A1. MARTHA ANN UMPHRESS, b. 1836 in Georgia

A2. Nancy A. Umphress, b. 1838 in Georgia

A3. Areteniessa Umphress, b. 1844 in Florida

A4. John R. Umphress, b. 1847 in Florida

A5. Mitchel R. Umphress, b. 1849 in Florida

In 1850, a Jasper Johnson lived with the family. He was age 23 from Georgia. Relationship unknown.

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4C(U). Mitchel B. Umphress. Mitchel brown (Humphrey) Umphress. born 31 August 1914 in Georgia. Died 11 March 1959 in Jefferson County, Florida.

A1. Martha Ann Emarinth Umphress. Born 6 March 1836 in Geogia. Died 3 October 1918 in Thomas/Grady County, Georgia.

(Source: Records from Church of Latter Day Saints)