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   CHASTAIN ANCESTRY CONTINUED                            127

From this point back, I have not been able to ascertain our direct line of Chastain ancestry. From various sources, however, I have assembled the names and dates in order to describe the line that MIGHT be our line of ancestors straight back to Pierre Chastain, the emigrant. I feel sure enough about it, at least in essence, to include it here. Perhaps as time goes on and more material is located, I will be able to find material that will give more evidence to support my opinion, or to disprove it and possibly present what is definitely , not just possibly, our correct line. A future supplement is certainly possible.

I decided to include this information here, that is, the line of possible or probably ancestors to George Solomon Chastain so that, if one day, some other family member tries to research our family and seeks to go further back, (particularly in case I do not succeed), he or she will at least have this information to check as a starting place.

Furthermore, if anyone reading this material has some information that can shed some light on the lives and relationships of the families herein other than what is written, I hope they will be kind enough to contact and share it with me.


5C. JAMES CHASTAIN, b. c 1775, possibly in South Carolina.

     A1. RAINEY CHASTAIN, b. 1792. See family 4C.

     A2. Stephen Chastain, b. c 1800 in GA.

     A3. John Chastain, b. 1798 in GA, Cherokee County.
     D. 1850 in Thomasville and buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery. M. Mary Carlton on 13 January 1839 in     Thomasville. He was he first Indian agent appointed in Thomas County by the governor of Georgia. He also served as Judge of Inferior Court.

          B1. Hardy Morgan Chastain. B 12 October 1830. D 22 June 1910. m.
          Mary Jane Hall 26 November 1848.

          B2. Sarah A. Chastain, b. 29 September 1834; m. William Whitley
          B3. Elizabeth Chastain, b. 1835: d. 1878. m. James Allen Ezell
          B4. Mary Chastainl, b. 1836. Died young.
          B5. Name unknown. Born 1838. Died young.
          B6. Sophronia E. Chastain, b. 31 March 1839; d. 15 June 1918. m1.
          Russell Raneau. M2. Jesse Carroll m3. Frank Fudge



      B7. John T. Chastain, b. 1842. m. Trititia Davis
     B8. Julia E. Chastain, b. 1844. m1. Augustus Hayes;
     m. Edwin B. Carroll


Rev. John Chastain, the “Ten Shilling bell,” was born in Virginia in 1740, and married in 1763. He was called “Ten Shilling Bell” because of his eloquence, and his clear, musical ringing voice. After laboring for some years as a Baptist preacher in Virginia, Buckingham County, evidently, because of religious persecution, he moved with his family to South Carolina. They settled a short distance west of Greenville, in Pendleton District. He reared a large family here and spent the rest of his life as a faithful pioneer preacher, spreading his influence over an extensive territory. He died in 1806 and was buried west of Greenville, S. C., three miles south of “Table Rock” in Pickens County, and two miles a little northwest from a place called “Punkin Town.” The grave was 200 yards west of a mill on Carock’s Creek, which flows south into the river.

Children of John and Mary:

1. Benjamin Chastain 7. Abner Chastain
2. John Chastain 8. Elijah Chastain
3. Edward Chastain 9. Martha Chastain
4. Joseph Chastain 10. Mary Chastain
5. Chleo Chastain 11. Elizabeth Chastain
6. Nancy Chastain 12. JAMES CHASTAIN (See 5C)


7C. JOHN CHASTAIN D. 1762, married Charlotte Judith Amonette

Descendents of John and Charlotte:

     A1. Judith Chastain, b. 10 May 1727, m. 25 October 1762 to Robert Scott of Cumberland County,       Virginia.
     A2. Peter Chastain, b. 24 February 1729
     A3. Magdelaine b. 5 January 1731
     A4. Janne b. 1734
     A5. Stephen b. 9 September 1737
     A6. JOHN CHASTAIN (“Ten Shilling Bell”) b. 1740. D. 1806
     A7. Magdelaine b. 23 Janaury 1743
     A8. Marianne M. Benjamin Witt, son of William Witt


8C. PIERRE (PETER) CHASTAIN, the emirant, b. 1660 d. 1729. He married MARIE MADALINE DE LA ROCHEFAUCALD, b. 1666, d. 1726. They were both from the Province of Dauphiny. They brought six children with them to America. They came over n the ship “The Mary and aAnn,” and landed in Virginia in 1699 or 1700, settling in Mannikintowne. His will was dated 3 October 1729 and is preserved in the Archives of Coochland Co., Va.

Descendents of Pierre and Marie:

A1. John Chastain
A2. Peter Louis Chastain
A3. Rene Chastain, b. 1692 D1756 at Manakin M. Judith
     B1. Isaac Chastain, b. 15 March 1733
     B2. Peter Chastain, b. 1736 D. in or near Abbeville, S.C.
     B3. Mariane Chastain, b. 7 May 1738
     B4. Rene, Jr. b. 28 June 1741 D. 1825 M. Winifred Goode
     B5. John Chastain, m. Frances Cain
A4. Judith Chastain, b. 1694 M. Mr. Ballew
A5. Marianne Chastain, b. 1696 in France, d. 1724 in Manikintowne
A6. Susanna Chastain, M. Abraham Soblet
A7. Mary Chastain
A8. Elizabeth Chastain
A9. Magdeline Chastain, M. William Salle

Born and Died in France. Parents of Pierre Chastain, the emigrant.

10C. RENE CHASTAIN, Born and died in France. Grandfather of Pierre the Emigrant.




10C. Renee CHASTAIN (France)

9C. Rene CHASTAIN (France)

     m. Marie Madeline Helen de Dampiere

8C. Pierre CHASTAIN (the emigrant)

     m. Marie Madeline de la Rochefaucauld

7. John Peter Rene Judith Mariane Susana Mary Elizabeth Magdaline

m.Charlotte Judith Amonette

Judith Peter Magdelaine Jane Stephen 6C JOHN (m. Mary O'Brian( Magdeline Mariane

Benjamin - John - Edward - Joseph - Chleo - Nancy - Abner - Elijah - Martha - Mary - Eliz. - 5C. JAMES (m. Sarah Morgan)

John Chastain 4C. RAINEY CHASTAIN (m. Martha Page?) Stephen Chastain


3C. GEORGE SOLOMON CHASTAIN (m. Sarah Ann Horton) Joseph Chastain Rainey Chastain, Jr.