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Descendents of Willie Alma Massey and Lee Roy Massey

A1.  MARY EFFIE HARRELL. b. 27 April 1901 in Mitchell County,  Georgia. Married Luther Cleveland Chastain on 4 July 1915.

     B1. Sarah Eileen Chastain. b. 2 January 1917

     B2. Billy Woodrow Chastain. b. 16 December 1918

     B3. Alma Oresa Chastain. b. 19 March 1923

     B4.  Luther Cleveland Chastain, Jr. b. 10 March 1921

     B5.  Patrick Marvin Chastain. b. 24 May 1925

     B6. Teddy Marconi Chastain. b. 27 December 1927

     B7. Kenrad Chastain. b. 29 November 1933

     All told about in more detail in family group 1.

A2.  Joseph Zemer Harrell, b. 31 August 1904, a twin, in Mitchell County, Georgia.                            Died about 2  months old.

A3.  Earnest LeeRoy Harrell. B. 31 August 1904, a twin, in Mitchell County, Georgia. Died of stomach-intestinal collitis in Iron City, Geogia on 9 October 1906.

A4.  Maynor Franklin Harrell. b. 15 February 1907 in Grady County, Georgia. Lied with his wife in Clearwater where he was a plumber foreman and contractor. He died in Dade County, Florida on 3 April 1946.

     m. Martha Theresa Brown on 28 December 1924 in Lovo, Florida. Theresa was born 4 April    1909 in Pelham, Georgia.

     B1. Infant son. born in Thomasville. Lived only a few hours and died.

     B2. Martha Frances Harrell. b. 31 August 1929 in Largo, Florida. M. Henry Hart

          C1.  Harry Robert Hart, b. 11 December 1957 in Miami, Florida.

          C2.  Wayne Francis Hart. b. 21 October 1961 in Miami.

          C3.   Glenn Jefferson Hart. b. 9 April 1964 in Miami.

Maynor is buried at Flagler Memorial Park, 531 th Street, Miami, Florida



Correction: Lee Roy Harrell and his second wife Mittie Williams adopted a son and named him Lee Roy Harrell, Jr.  Lee was born to  Fred & Ruby Shields and was named Samuel Fredrick Shields, Jr. at birth. (Source: Lee Harrell, Jr.)

Cora Lee Harrell Dupree died 12 February 2000 in Polk County, Florida. (Source:




B3.  Maynor Franklin Harrell, Jr. (Frank), b. 1 July 1935 in Miami, Florida.

      m1.  Lucrecia C. McCann on 6 May 1961 at Advent Lutheran Church in Miami Shores, Florida.

     C1.  Kathryn Paige Harrell, b. 25 May 1965.


A5. Cora Lee Harrell, b. 11 February 1910 in Thomas/Mitchell County, Georgia. Worked as assistant dietician for the U. S. government for 18 years. Lives in Thomasville, Georgia.

     m. Lora Bee Dupree on 21 November 1925 in Clearwater, Florida. L.B. was born 20 February 2004 in Norma, Florida to James and Mary Culpepper Dupree and died 13 February 1978 in Thomasville. Is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery (MG) in Thomasville. He was a vetran of World War II and the Seabees.

Cora was baptized c 1930 at a Methodist church.

     B1. Lora Bee Dupree, Jr. (Jay) b. 18 October 1929 in Conley Springs, North Carolina. Lives in St. Petersburg now.

          m. Marjorie Ruth Hatfield (Midge) on 14 July 1949. She was born on 26 November 1929.

          C1.  John Wayne Dupree, b. 26 September 1950 in Clearwater, Florida.

          C2. Jeffrey Michael Dupree, b. 26 April 1952 in Clearwater, Florida

          C3.  Chery Kathleen Dupree. b. 28 April 1955 in Clearwater, Florida.

     B2. Margaret Ann Dupree (Peggy), b. 22 June 1932 in Clearwater, Florida. Lies in Lake Panasoffkee, Florida.

          m1.  Joseph G. george on 28 October 1950. Divorced December 1965.

          C1.  Joseph Randall George, b. 22 November 1951 in Clearwater, Florida

          C2.  Robin Michelle george. b. 7 November 1954 in Clearwater, Florida

                m. Donald Edward Hager on 19 November 1977 at Lake Panasoffkkee.

          C3.  Beth Ann George. b. 14 June 1961 in Clearwater, Florida.

           m2.  Frank Lee Spinner on 15 July 1972 in Lake Panasoffkee, Florida.



The following information is taken from a photo copy of handwritten entries in a family Bible sent in by Lee Harrell on August 11, 2006. Some of it matches the info above. Some of it is different.

L. R. Harrell Son of M. F. Harrell and Willie A. Massey, Daughter of Massey were united in Matrimony according to teh ordinances of GOD and the ... of Mitchell Co. Ga. at Brooks Co. Ga. on the 10 day of Feb in the year 1898.

Children's names.

J. P. Harrell was born Wain Co. ga. Aug 5, 1912.

L. J. Harrell - Thomas Co. Ga. Nov. 18, 1913.

Hugh Dorsey Harrell: Thomas Co. Ga. Sep 2, 1918.

"Parents of Children"

L. R. Harrell - Mitchell Co. gal. Jan 1, 1878.

Willie ALma Massey - Mother - Brooks Co. ga. July 2, 1882.

Mittie Williams - Stepmother. Grady Co. Ga. Nov 19, 1879.

Children's Names

Lee Roy Jr. Harrell was born on Thomas County Georgia ??? 1931

Ruby Clyde Harrell - Thomas co. Ga. April 6, 1915.

L. R. Jr. & Joe Z. Harrell - Decatur Co. Ga. Aug. 31, 1904.

Maynor Franklin Harrell - Grady Co. Ga. February 15, 1907

Cora Lee Harrell. Thomas Co. Ga. Feb 1, 1910.


L. R. Harrell & Mittie Williams. Oct. 10, 1919. Step Mother

Mary Effie Harrell. L. C. Chastain July 4, 1915.

Maynor F. Harrell & Martha F. Brown Dec 28, 1924.

cora Lee Harrell & Lora Bee Dupree - Nov 21, 1925.

Ruby C. Harrell & James M. K??? 2nd Husband Aug 2, 1938.

First Husband . S. F. Shields. August 6, 1930.





A6.  Joseph Parnell Harrell (J.P.) b. 5 August 1912 in Hortense, Georgia. Contracted ear  inflammation and died of infections and blood poison from it on 5 June 1914 in Monticello, FLA and is buried there.

A7.  T. J. Harrell. b. 18 November 1913. Born dead. buried in Thomas County, Georgia.

A8. Ruby Clyde Harrell. b. 6 April 1915 in Boston, Georgia. Was a nurse's aid at Tampa hospital. Died 16 January 1954 of cancer at her home.

     m1. Lee Roy Harrell, Jr. b. 16 September 1931

     m2. James M. Kerr on 2 August 1935 in Tampa, FLA.


A9. Hugh Dorsey Harrell. b. 2 September 1918. Name chaned to Joe Beerly as he was raised by the Beverly family after his mother died. D. 1961 in Indiana. Run over by a train. Worked on the railroad. Buried near Hammond, Indiana.

     m1.  Margie

     B2.  Charles Duncan Beverly (Butch)

     B3. Joe Beverly, Jr.

     m2. Eunice.  Had a sonborn dead.

     m3. Anne




Hugh Dorsey Harrell

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Cora Lee Harrell


Mary Effie Harrell Chastain
Cora Lee Harrell Dupree


Seated: Mittie W. Harrell & Lee Roy Harrell
Between them: Ruby Clyde Harrell
Standing: Cora Lee Harrell, Maynor Harrell,  Theresa B. Harrell