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4H.  MORGAN HARRELL, b. 1804 in Georgia, Jones County. Lived in Baker County, Georgia with his family in 1850.

     m. SARAH JOHNSON, probably around 1830. Sarah was born in 1815 in Wilkerson County, Georgia.


     A1. Elizabeth Harrell (Betsy). b. 1833 in Houston County, Georgia. m. John Taylor.

          B1. John Taylor.                                          B2. Jesse Taylor.

          B3. Jacob (Jake) Taylor                            B4.  Sarah Jane Taylor

          B5. Rachel Taylor. Was a mute. Attended school for the deaf and dumb where she met her husband, also a mute. In spite of their handicaps, both were intelligent and managed to function quite normally with John farming and Rachel keeping house for their three children who were not mutes.

               m. John Anderson

               C1. Josie Anderson. m. Colonel Pope and lives in Bainbridge. She was born 10  February 1898.


A2. James C. Harrell. b. 1835 in Georgia, Houston County. Reported that he left Georgia after the Civil War and was never heard from again.

A3. George Harrell, b. 1837 in Stewart County, Georgia. Reported that he left Georgia after the Civil War and was never heard from again.

A4. Mahalla Harrell. b. 1840 in Stewart County, Georgia. Died young, unmarried.

A5. MOSES F. HARRELL, b. 1841 in Gadsden County, Florida.

     m.Mary Ann faircloth (Elaborated on in group 3H.)

A6. John Basset Harrell, b. 1843 in Decatur  County, Georgia. Was in the Confederate Army. Received a bullet in his chest which left one arm useless. Late in life, the bullet was removed by Dr. Walker in Cairo, Georgia, leaving him with only one lung. He died in January 1927, and is buried at Union Church Cemetery (MG) near Vada, Georgia.




     m1. Betsy Lashley

     B1.  Mahalay Harrell. d. 1937. m. Elisha Glover

             C1. Morgan Glover

     m2. Kate Lashley, died in childbirth along with the baby

     B2.  John Henry Harrell, m. Sallie Faircloth on 25 December 1895.

          C1. Russell Harrell

          C2.  William Hobson Harrell, b. 3 March 1899. d. Albany, Georgia in April 1879. bur. at Union Cemetery near Vada, Georgia. m. DessieW. who was born in 1904.

          C3.  Robert Harrell, d. 1979 in Florida.

     B3. Emma Harrell, d. in 1960's. M. Will Arnold. Six children.

     B4.  Bryant Harrell, b. 1873. d. 1898, 31 October.

               m. Frances Matilda Sellars.

               C1. Son. b. 14 January 1899 (afterdeathof his father)

     B5. Harriet Harrell, b. 5 November 1883 or 1833. D. 1961.

               m. John Drew Glover

               C1. Stillborn infant

              C2. Milas Glover, b. 1903. d. at age 19 from hernia operation

               C3.  Marvin Glover, b. 1910. d. September 1977.

              C4. Lounette Glover, m. Earl Stanfield b. 1917.  

                       D1. Earline Stanfield b. November 1947. D. 1969 in car wreck

                       D2. Rebekah Stanfield, b. 1951.

                        D3. David Stanfield, b. 1953

                        D4. Carol Stanfield, b. 1955. Son named Chris.

                        D5. Rachel Stanfield, b. 1960. Has two children.




     B6. Frances Harrell, m. O. L. Spooner 14 December 1895.

     B7.  Edward Olin Harrell. b. 10 January 1886. Lives in a nursing home in Florida.

     B8. Joseph Elonzia Harrell, b. 25 September 1888. D. 1909. Bur. Union Cemetery (MG)

     B9. Robert Lee Harrell, b. 2 May 1891.

     B10. Rufus Paul Harrell, b. 25 December 1893. B. at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery near Vada, Georgia. 

            C1. Lillie May Harrell, m. Ted Wilkes

     B11. Maggie Lou Harrell, b. 4 December 1895. d. 1901 of scarlet fever. Buried at Union Cemetery near Vada, GA. (MG)

     B12.  James Alexander Harrell, b. 1 December 1899. d. 1901. of scarlet fever. buried at Union Cemetery. (MG)

     B13. William Jackson Harrell, b. 5 February 1895. D. 5 September 1924. Bur .at Union Cemetery (MG)

     B14. Rachel Rebecca Harrell, b. 24 June 1901. m. W. F. Evans. Lives in Montgomery, Alabama.

     B15.  Rena Mae Harrell, b. 16 October 1903.

     B16. Fredia Elizabeth Harrell, b. 8 March 1906.

     B17. Lela Lillian Harrell, b. 1908. Lives in ft. Worth, Texas.

     B18. Charles Thomas Harrell, b. 6 February 1910


A7.  Rachel Harrell, b. 1849 in Baker County, Georgia.

          m. Mr. Faircloth

     B1. Ennis Faircloth. Buried at Union Cemetery.  m. Mandy Hand

             C1. Rachel Faircloth

     B2. Sallie Faircloth  m. Bill Eaton. 

            m2. Jason Williams. Had three sons and two daughters.



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Rufus Paul Harrell, son of John Bassett Harrell and Mary Anna Stephens was born in Mitchell County, Georgia on 25 December 1893 and died on 25 December 1937.






4H(F). WILLIAM FAIRCLOTH, b. 1805 in Georgia. Lived in Baker County with his family in 1850. Lived in Mitchell County (made from Baker) at least from 1860 to 1870. All the children were probably born in Baker County, Georgia.

     m. SARAH, b. 1812 in Georgia.


     A1.  Sarah A. Faircloth, b. 1835. (? Had a son, Isham Faircloth, b. 1869.)

     A2. Raifords Faircloth, b. 1837

     A3. Adam B. Faircloth, b. 1838. According to Volume 5 p. 389 of Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, he enlisted 4 March 1862 as a Private in Co. C. 52st Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army of North Virginia, C.S.A. Mitchell County, Georgia; Mitchell Van Guards. Transferred to Co. C. 2nd Regimetn Cavalry later. Appointed 2nd Sgt. Paroled at Charlotte, North Carolina on 3 May 1865.

     A4. Elias Faircloth. B 1840.

     A5. Martin Van Buren Faircloth. b. 1842. According to Volume 1 of the Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, he enlisted as a Private on 5 May 1861 in Co. F, 6th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army of Tennesssee, C.S.A. Mitchell County, Georgia, Mitchell Conty Independents of Camilla Guards. Died 20 September 1861.

     A6. George Washington Faircloth. b. 1844. According to Volume 5, page 389 of the Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, he enlisted as a private on 4 March 1862; later 21July 1962, transferredto Co. C. 2nd Cavalry. Surrendered at Tallahassee, Florida on 10 May 1865; Paroled at Bainbridge, Georgia on 20 May 1865.

     A7. MARY ANN FAIRCLOTH (Also called Polly Ann), b. 1846.

            m. MOSES F. HARRELL. Had seven children. Elaborated on in family group 3H.

     A8. Shadrick Faircloth, b. 1847.

     A9. Clara Faircloth, b. 1850


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George Washington Faircloth was born on 30 March 1944 in Georgia. He died on 28 December 1898 in Mitchell County, Georgia.