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4H(M). WILEY MASSEY, b. 1804 in North Carolina, presumably in Franklin County, to Barrachias and Byda WIlliams Massey. When most of the family moved from Washington County, Georgia to middle Georgia, Wiley moved to Stewart County, Georgia. He was on the Presbytery of the Mt. Olive Primitive Bapstist Church, Chatahoochee  County, Georgia on 26 February 1848. He was listed in the 1840 and 1850 census records in Stewart County, Georgia, and was appointed reviewer of roads 5 September 1831 in Stewart County; also served on the petit jury there June 1831.

About 1851, he moved to Thomas County, Georgia, near Boston. He was  farmer and preacher in the Primitive Baptist Church. He was pastor of Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church 1854 - 1860 in Brooks County. He was still alive in 1882 when he performed the wedding ceremony of his grandson, James LaFayette Massey. Possibly buried in an unmarked grave at Antioch Cemetery near Boston, Georgia.

     m.  CELEY HENRY b. 1810 in South Carolina. Sister of Jane Henry. Probably married around 1830.

     A1.  Theophilus (Thomas) Bennet Massey, b. 15 January 1831 in Stewart County, Georgia. d. 26 March 1896. Was a farmer near Barwick, Georgia. Bur. Harmony Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Barwick, GA.

               m. Rachel Lovett Cone on 30 November 1856 in Thomas County, Georgia.

                B1.  Mary Catherine Massey, b. 26 December 1858 in Brooks County, Georgia. m. William Redfern. d. 12 NOvember 1928. Buried at Harmony Cemetery.

                             C1.  Hattie Redfern                                        C2.  Mamie Redfern

                             C3.  Jimmie Redfern                                       C4. Jessie Redfern

                             C5. Emma Redfern                                          C6. Irene Redfern

                              C7. Ruby Redfern

                   B2.  Adrian Massey, b. 28 May 1859. d. 9 January 1953.   m.  Marion E. Pope. Bur. at Harmony Cemetery

                                C1.  Lillie Pope                                                 C2. Mamie Pope

                                C3.  Johnnie Pope                                           C4.  West Pope

                                C5.  Gus Pope                                                    C6. Rachel Pople

                                C7. Oscar Pope                                                   C8.  Rene Pope

                                C9. Buris Pope                                                    C10. Orie Pope

                      B3.  James LaFayette Massey, b. 5 March 1881. d. 28 September 1923. m. Sallie Marie Holloway. Buried at Barwick Cemetery.

                                   C1. Cora Lee Massey                                    C2. William Walton Massey

                                    C3.  Bennett Leslie Massey                       C4.  James Elmer Massey

                                    C5.  Ira Henry Massey                                  C6. Cordy Lafayette Massey

                                    C7.  Sally Marie Massey                               C8. Lella Mae Massey


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Celia Henry was born on 30 November 1809 to Robert Henry and Celia Fields. She married Wiley Massey in 1830 in Georgia.





B4.  Theophilus Mrion Massey. b. 28 January 1862. d. 8 July 1913. m. Alice Yates in Thomas County, Georgia.

     C1.  Charles Massey                                                  C2.   Arthur Massey

     C3. Clifford Massey                                                    C4. Bertie Massey

      C5. Connie Massey.

                 Buried at Harmony Cemetery in Barwick, Georgia.

    B5. Minerva Massey, b. 19 March 1865, d. 20 April 1899. Buried at Harmony Cemetery. Unmarried.

      B6. Berry Franklin Massey. b. 10 December 1865. d. 19 December 1943. Buried at Harmony Cemetery. Never married.

     B7.  John Warren Massey. b. 4 July 1871; d. 12 April 1924.  m. Minnie Cuberth. Buried in Barwick Cemetery.

                C1. Ona Massey      C2. Maxine Massey        C3. Ulmer Massey

     B8. Emma Cornelia Massey, b. 10 August 1873; D. 7 April 1912. Buried in Sumit, Georgia. m. Dr. George Walton Davis.

               C1. George Leland Davis                                  C2. Rachel Eileen Davis

                C3. Sara Jewel Davis

     B9.  Henry W. Massey. b. 6 June 1876; d. 7 September 1920. Bur. in Barwick Cemetery. m. Sara Redfern

                 C1. Carvel Massey, plus two others

     B10. Margianne Massey, b. 29 January 1869. D. 3 September 1877. Killed accidentally when a cotton gin press when struck by a shaft that was held by a weakened collar gave way. Buried at Antioch Cemetery near Boston, Georgia (MG).

     B11. Charles W. Massey, b. 12 November 1878; d. 14 August 1882. Died accidentally when the hole was dug into a pile of cotton and he fell head downward into it and smothered. Buried at Antioch Cemetery near Boston, Georgia.

A2. Cynthia J. Massey, b. 1832.  m. William A. Booth in Stewart County, Georgia on 27 January 1850.

A3. Sarah K. Massey, b. 30 March 1835; m. John McDowell, 8 February 1955. Both buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Omaha, Georgia in Stewart County, Georgia.

A4. ROBERT LEE MASSEY,  b. c1837 in Stewart County, Georgia. d. Janaury 911. m. Adaline Folsom 6 November 1866 in Thomas County, Georgia. Had children. Was in Army of C.S.A. Elaborated on with his family in family group H(M).

A5. James Massey, born c. 1839 probably Stewart County, Georgia.


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A5. James Washington Massey, born 22 February 1840 possibly in Boston, Georgia.   m. Virginia Caroline Howell.  d. 31 August 1902 in Tallahassee, Florida. Lived in Boston, Georgia, Thomas County.

         B1.  John Henry Massey, son of James Washington Massey and Virginia Caroline Howell. b. 20 July 1867 in Boston, Georgia. d. 08 February 1928. Tampa, Florida. Hillsborough County.

                 m. Minnie Ella Dukes (born28 September 1967; died 23 December 1896 in Tallahassee). John Henry Massey and Minnie Ella Dukes married on 20 October 1887.




A6.  Mary Massey, born c. 1841. probably in Stewart County, Georgia.

A7.  Decatur (Cadar) Massey, b. 1847, probably in Stewart County, Georgia. m. Martha A.

     B1.  Wiley L. Massey, b. 1868 in Georgia

     B2.  Gideon F. Massey, b. 1872 in Georgia

     B3.  Cicley J. Massey, b. 1875 in Georgia

     B4. Sophronia E. Massey, b. 1876 in Georgia

A8.  Celia Ann Massey, b. 1848, probably in Stewart County, Georgia.

A9.   Lucy Massey, born c. 1851: married Mr. Brazil


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A7. Decatur Massey, born 24 June 1847 in Georgia. Son of Wiley Massey and Celia Henry.

 Another place, Decater Massey (born 1844 in Boston, Thomas County, Georgia) is listed as son of Wiley Massey and Celie Henry, died 11 Janaury 1911.

B2. Gidion F. Massey (born 1872( was listed as the son of Cador F. Massey of Georgia.)

Another entry: Gideon F. Massey (born 1872) listed as son of Decatur Massey and Martha A. Holton. They married on 06 November 1866.

B4. Sophronia e. Massey listed as born 1846 to Wiley Massey and Celie Henry in Boston, Thomas County, Georgia, married Bill Mills.

A8. Celia Ann Massey, born 1848 Stewart - Covington, Newton County, Georgia, daughter of Wiley Massey and Celey Henry. (Another report on the same Celia Ann Massey lists her year of birth as 1858 in Boston, Thomas County, Georgia.)

A9. Lucy J. Massey, born 1852, Georgia, daughter of Wiley Massey and Celia Henry. (Another entry at same source lists year of birth as 1851.)  (Info submitted by Lydia Bridges, PO Box 14, Morriston, FL 32668).






5H(M). BARRACHIAS MASSEY, b. c. 1779 in Bute-Franklin County, North Carolina to Richard and Sara Massey.

     m.  BYDA or BEADY WILLIAMS around 1801. She was born c. 1786 in Franklin County, North Carolina to John and Mary Williams.

Barachias and Byda lived in North Carolina when they first married, then later moved to Washington County, Georgia. Byda was a member of of the Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Washington County in 1813. Barrachias was listed in Washington County land lottery in 1827, and in the Georgia Tax Digest of 1825. He was in the Muscogee County Census in 1830, 1840 and 1850. The 1850 census shows Barrachias and Byda living with their youngest daughter, Byda, and her husband, John A. Pickersen in Muscogee County. Barrachias's age was listed as 71 and Byda's as 64.

     A1.  Bennett Massey, b. 1801. m. to Elizabeth; died by 1850.

     A2. WILEY MASSEY, b. 1804. m. Celey Henry. Told about in more detail in family group 4H(M)

     A3. Simeon Massey, b. 1806: died by 1869. m. Jane Henry 1827.

     A4. sarah Massey, b. 1807. m. Dennis Cason, January 1829.

     A5. Cordie Massey. b. 1808. m. Sarah Norre 7 June 1829.

     A6. Silla B. Massey, b. 1810: m. E. S. A. Moore

     A7. James Massey. b. 1812: m. Lucinda Noore in 1833.

     A8. Cynthia Massey, b. 5 July 1817: d. 2 September 1900.  m. Shelton Swift, b. 15 February 1816. Both buried at Antioch Cemetery near Boston, Georgia (MG) Sheldon was born 15 February 1816: d. 23 October 1865.

             B1.  Francis Swift, b. 6 November 1848; d. 16 August 1884; Bur. at Antioch Cemetery. m. Mr. Stegall.

     A9. Son Massey, not named. 1819. May have died young?



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5H(M). Barachias Massey born 1779 in North Carolina. Died about 1860 in Muscogee County, Georgia. Son of Richard Massey and Sarah Valentine.

 (This conflicts with the information published in the redbook. Uncertain about original source. Richard was born between 1750 - 1755 in North Carolina; died June 1815 , Franklin, North Carolina. Son of Hezekiah Massey and Sarah Pettipool. Sarah Valentine born about 1755 in Franklin, North Carolina; died about 1811 in Franklin, North Carolina.

BEADY WILLIAMS: Listed as Obedience Beady Williams, born about 1788 in North Carolina. Died before 1860. Married Barachias Massey about 1801 in Franklin, North Carolina.

A1. Bennet Massey was born in 1801 in Franklin, North Carolina. Son of Barachias Massey and Obedience Beady Williams. Died 1850. Married Elizabeth Taylor about 1828 in Washington, Georgia.

A3. Simeon Massey married Jane Henry in Washington, Georgia in 1826.

A4. Sarah Massey born about 1809 in Washington, Georgia. Married Dennis Cason  who was born in 1805 in Washington, Georgia, son of William Cason and Rhonda Hodges.  William Cason was born in 1768 in Pitt, North Carolina and died in Brooks County, Georgia. Son of Henry Cason and Miss Cannon.  Rhonda Hodges born about 1772 in Pitt, North Carolina. Buried at Indian Springs Church, Leon County, Florida.  Married William Cason about 1794.

A7. James 0. Massey. Born 1812. Married Mrs. Lucy or Lucinda R. Massey about 1841 in Thomasville, Georgia. She was born 1813 in Georgia.





A10.  John Ross Massey, b. 21 March 1821; d. 19 December 1898. m. Elizabeth Bailey. 25 May 1842.

A11.  Nathaniel Dudley Massey, b. 1823. d. 19 November 1898 in San Antonio, Texas. m. Ruth A. Smith, 26 December 1843 or 1844.

A12.  Beady or Byda Massey, b. 1825: m. John A. Pickersen in 1847.



6H(M). RICHARD MASSEY, b. c1755 in Brunswick County, Virginia to Ezekiah and Sarah Massey. D. c22 April 1815 (date of his will in Franklin County, North Carolina). He was listed in census of Franklin County, North Carolina in 1790.

     m. SARAH FREEMAN, about 1770.

     A1. Henry Massey, b. 1772; d. c1813. Not married.

    A2. Sampson Massey, b. 1774; m. Elizabeth Williams.

    A3. Isham Massey, b. 1776. m. Martha Sandifer February 1820

    A4. Abel Massey, b. 1777: m. Elizabeth Jones 21 April 1803

    A5. BARRACHIAS MASSEY, b. 1778: m. Byda or Beady Williams.

              Told about more in group 5H(M)

    A6. Simon or Simeon Massey, m. Elizabeth Edwards by 1810

    A7. Sarah (Sally) Massey, m. Zedekiah Edwards

    A8. Mary Massey (Polly), m. Mr. Hammonds

    A9. Female, name unknown; m. James Chamblee

    A10. Dorcas Massey, m. Mr. Hammonds






7H(M). EZEKIAH MASSEY, b. c1733 to Richard and Anne Massey, probably in Greensville County, Virginia. He was the youngest son, and was probably about age 18 when he joined his mother and sister Sarah in 1754 in selling the remaining 116 acres of the 231 acres his father Richard had surveyed and settled upon about 1734.

Promptly, perhaps in the same year, Ezekiah left Virginia for North Carolina. In 1758 he bought of Tom Bishop 318 acres of land on the north side of the Tar River, across and on both sides of Sycamore Branch. This would be about where the village later developed named Louisburg.

In 1754  and 1756 it is believed to have been this Ezekiah who was  militiaman in the Bute-Franklin forces in the company of Osborne Jeffreys. Ezekiah was not on the Bute-Franklin Poll list for 1771. He may have moved to Wake County, North Carolina by this time. Ezekiah married twice, second to Martha.

     m1. SARAH

     A1. RICHARD MASSEY, born c1750, probably in Brunswick, Virginia. d. April/June 1815. Elaborated on in more detail in Section 6H(M).

     A2. Catherine (Kate)  Massey, m. Benjamin Bunn

     A3. Hezekiah Massey

     A4. Abel Massey

     A5. Daughter, m. Frederick Smith

     A6. Daughter, m. Sherrod B. Martin

     A7. Daughter, m. William Bunn

     A8. Sarah (Sooky) Massey, m. Mr. Upchurch

     A9. Burgess Massey, m. Mary (Polly)

     A10. Charity Massey

     A11. John Massey

     A12. Joseph Massey

     A13. Lydia Massey



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7H(M). Hezekiah Massey was born in 1731, Bristol, Prince George County, Virginia. Died 8 May 1770. born to Richard Massey and Susannah "Anne" Pettipool.
Hezekiah married Sarah (SOH Massey) in Virginia between the years of 1750 and 1755. (She was born before 1730 and died after 1763.)

Anne Pettipool was born in 1693, Prince George County, Virginia. Died 22 October 1770 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Daugher of William Pettipool and Elizabeth Tucker. Married Richard Massey in 1710 in Petersburg, Virginia.

Anne Pettipool's father, William Pettipool was born in 1662 in Andernesse, England. He died 13 September 1721 in Prince George County, Virginia. He was the son of William Pettipool (born 20 October 1630 in Stepney, London, England and died 1668 Virginia) and Ann (born c1640 in Virginia). He married Elizabeth Tucker between 1683 and 1690 in Prince George County, Virginia.

Elizabeth Tucker was born between 1651 and 1674 in Prince George COunty, Virginia. She died 14 March 1726  in Prince George County, Virginia.

A9.  Burgess Massey, born 1764. Brunswick, Virginia to Hezekiah Massey and Sarah Pettipool.

A10. Charity Massey was born 1765 in Brunswick, Virginia to Hezekiah Massey and Sarah Pettipool.
Charity Massey (probably this same person) died about 1787 at Gloucester, Virginia.

A11. Lydia Massey was born 1770 Brunswick, Virginia to Hezekiah Massey and Sarah Pettipool.






8H(M). RICHARD MASSEY, date uncertain for birth - would probably have been around 1700, more or less. Son of John Massey, Jr. and his wife Ann. Apparently, he lived with the other of his family until he married in what is now the area of Petersburg, Virginia. When the remaining family left to settle in what is now southwest Greenville County Virginia, before 1720, he stayed on at what was probably the family's home place, where most of his children were born.

In 1734, Richard Massey's survey of his 231 acres in Greenville County, Virginia was approved and a grant made thereof. Richard died in February 1793. His will was dated 1 February 1739, was shown to have been executed in St. Andrew's Parish, Brunswick, Virginia (now Greenville) and was witnessed by Seth Pettipool and others.

Richard made Anne, his wife, sole executrix of his will, stating therein that his sons, John and Richard have 200 acres adjoining the "homeplace"" his son William the 150 acres to the North: on both sides of Beaverpool Creek by Seth Pettipool, and Ezekiah 116 acres which was the "homeplace," subject to the life estate in all such property in his wife, Ann. Richard marked his signature to the will by the capital letter  "R".

     m. ANN, before 1720. She lived until 1770. WShen she died, all her children were living except one.

     A1. Martha Massey, b. 1720: m. William Moore.

     A2. Anne Massey, b. 1722: m. Tom JOnes

     A3.  Sara Massey, b. 1724: m. Tom Jones

     A4. John Massey, twin, b. 1725, Possibly died before 1770.

     A5.  Richard Massey, twin. b. 1725.

     A6. Tabitha Massey, b. 1729. m. Henry Cato. Moved to Drawing Creek, North Carolina.

     A7. William Massey, probably born after 1730 after the family had moved from the Petersburg area.

     A8. EZEKIAH (for Hezekiah) MASEY, B c1733 m. Sarah.

        Elaborated on in group 7(H)M.



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A6. Tabitha Massey. Born 8 January 1729 in Bristol, Prince George County, Virginia. Died 8 May 1770 to Richard Massey and Susannah "Anne" Pettipool. Died 8 May 1770. Married Henry Cato (born c1725) in 1760.