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9H(M).  JOHN MASSEY, JR. born c1645 at Ft. Henry (now Petersburg), Virginia to John and Ann Massey. It is possible that John participated in "Bacon's Rebellion", a conflict between the settlers and the Occaonachee Indians.
John lived to be a very old man, unusual for those times when life expectancy was short. In 1720 when the first list of settlers was made of those in the area (The 1720 Brunswick Poll List). John was alive and living among other settlers such as his son Hezikiah.

After 1711, there was substantial expansion of the settlement to the Roanoake River, after a defeat of the Tuscarara Indians, so then John moved into the area southwest from Emporia in the southwestern part of present day Greenville County, Virginia, and shorter thereafter, to the north bank of the Roanoake River in what today would be Northhampton, North Carolina.

     m.   ANN

     A1.  Hezekiah Massey, m. Elizabeth (c1665  - 1727)

            B1. James or John Massey                                   B2. Richard Massey

             B3. William Massey                                             B4. Hezekiah Massey, Jr.

             B5. Sara (Bird) Massey                                        B6. Lucy Massey

    A2.  RICHARD MASSEY, m. Ann. Elaborated on in group 8H(M).

     A3. Joseph Massey, m. Elizabeth Washington

             B1.  Thomas Massey                                           B2. James Massey

             B3.   John Massey                                                 B4.  Joseph Massey, Jr.

              B5. Sara Massey, m. Mr. Richardson

              B6. Rebecca Massey, m. James Wise

               B7. Mary Massey, m. Thomas Wise

               B8.  Winnifred Massey, m. Mr. Sikes?

               B9. Luch Massey, m. Mr. Sikes?

               B10. Frances Massey, m. John Doby

               B11. Betty Massey, m. John Doby



JOHN MASSEY and all those Masseys that came before  him in England, back to Hamon de Mascy

10H(M).  JOHN MASSEY, b. 1616 in England. Isle of Ely, a shire or country to the north form London, beyond Cambridge. This land at that time was mostly swampland, dotted with little islands or knolls. This was John's birthplace, son of John Massey and his wife, Sara Birdie, John was baptized 20 October 1616 at St. Mary's Church in Ely. This church is also the one where Oliver Cromwell was a member while John was in his teens, so it is probably that John might have performed labor on the church property under supervision of Oliver Cromwell.

It is supposed that John's family continued in residence in Ely after John was transported to American in 1636 by Walter Aston.
It is believed that John Massey went from Charles City County, Virginia and served at the garrison Ft. Henry (Present site of Petersburg, VA to help protect the settlers against Indians in case they attacked (they didn't). There were many years of peace, and John was able to settle on his land and rear his family. Family members did remain in the area until about 1730 when the last grandson, Richard (our ancestor), went south. Name of John's wife is unknown.

      A1. JOHN MASSEY, JR. c 1646 at Ft. Henry, Virginia

     A2.  ? Richard Massey, died young.


11H(M). JOHN MASSEY, Lived in Ely area of England, probably born in laste 1500's, to Richard Massey and his wife Theodocia Thimblethorpe.

     m. SARAH BIRDIE on 3 November 1614 at the Church of St. Mary, Ely, England. ALl their children were born in the same area. Dates below are dates of the baptisms at the same church.

     A1.  JOHN MASSEY, Bap. 20 October 1616

      A2.  Elizabeth Massey, Bap 3 December 1620

      A3.  Martin Massey, Bap 29 September 1622

       A4. Richard Massey, Bap 20 February 1624

      A5.  Joanna Massey, Bap 6 April 1628

      A6.  Anna Massey, Bap. 1 November 1629

      A7. Radulphus Massey, Died at birth? Bur 10 January 1630.

From this point on back, the spelling Mascy will be used, as it was most common in England during this period.

Page 175  Corrections/ Additions:

10H(M). John Massey born 20 October 1616. Christened 3 October 616 St. Mary Church, Ely, N. Cambridgeshire, England. (?? Dates do not match.) Died 1675 Virginia. Son of John Massey and Sara Birde Birdie. John married Frances in 1641 in Petersburg Court, Virginia. (Frances was born about 1620.)

His parents are listed as Richard Massey (born 1543, Ely, Cambride, England) and Anne Hubbert (born about 1546 in England).

Sarah Birde Birdie was born about 1596, Isle of Elyshire, England and died 1630 Isle of Elyshire, England. Married John Massey on 3 November 1614 at St. Mary's Isle of Ely, Cheshire, England.





12H(M). RICHARD MASCY, lived in London or Ely area of England. Son of Richard Mascy and Theodocia Timblethorpe.

       A. Nicholas Mascy                                           A2. John Mascy

13H(M).  RICHARD MASCY, lived in London or Ely area of England. Died 12 August 1510. Son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Mascy.

        m. Theodocia Thimblethorpe, daughter of ROBERT

         m2. Hestery (Prynne?)

         All the children would have been born in the same area.

           A1.  Nicholas Mascy                                          A5. Dorothy Mascy

            A2.  William Mascy                                            A6.  Dorothy Mascy

            A3.  Richard Mascy                                           A7.  Dorothy Mascy

             A4.  Thomas Mascy                                           A8. Jane Mascy


14H(M). NICHOLAS MASCY, lived in Ely area of England. Son of Thomas Mascy and Joan Beswick. M. ELIZABETH. All the children would probably have been born in the Ely area. Nicholas died 1553, as did Elizabeth.

            A1. Nicholas Mascy                                              A4.  William Mascy

             A2.  RICHARD MASCY                                      A5. Thomas Mascy

              A3.  Alexander Mascy

15H(M). THOMAS MASCY, born to Nicholas Massey and hs wife. Lived in Manchestser, Cheshire or Lancashire. Alive during the break of King Henry VIII from the Catholic Church in 1536. m. Joan Beswick.

               A1. Thomas Mascy                                             A4. James Mascy

                A2.  NICHOLAS MASCY                                A5.  Hugh Mascy

                 A3. Alexander Mascy


16H(M).  NICHOLAS MASCY, lived in North Cheshire, England. Son of Hugh Mascy and Ann Bold. May have participated in Agincourt Battle in 1415. Name of wife unknown.

                A1. THOMAS MASCY


17H(M).  HUGH MASCY of Coddington, son of Sir. John de Ponington and Johanna Coghal. He attained the Cooddington estate in  "the right of his wife."

              m.  ANN BOLD (or Agnes), daughter of Sir. Nicholas Bold in 1389.

                A1. and A2. Both sons that died without heirs.

                A3. William de Coddington, Knighted 1435

                A4. Nicholas Mascy

      Corrections/ Additions P 176

Spelling of Richard Mascy's wife should be Theodocia Thimblethorpe. Born about 1526 in England. She was Richard's first wife. His second wife was Hester Prynne. He was the son of Nicholas Massey and Elizabeth (born about 1577 in England).

Nicholas Massey was born about 1553 in England, son of Thomas Massey and Joan Beswick.
Thomas Massey was born about 1525 in England.
Joan Beswick was born about 1529 in England.




18H(M). SIR JOHN MASCY, DE PONINGTON, son of Hamon Mascy and Jane de Temperly. Lived in England, Tatton and Ponington, Devout Catholic. Knighted by 1380 . In 1397, Sir John and his sons were commissioned by King Richard II, son of the Black Prince, to bring ships and men to Chester, and to transport the king's forces to Ireland to quell and uprising. Sir John was Sheriff in Cheshire in 1400, and was probably a participant in the entrapment of King Richard II. In 1403, at the Battle of Shrewsbury, Sir John fought on behalf of King Henry IV, and was slain on the battlefield.

                m. JOHANNA COGHALL, daughter of ROGER DE COGHALL

                 A1.  Hamon Mascy, May have  diied 1403 in Battle of Shrewsbury

                  A2.  Thomas Mascy

                  A3.  HUGH DE CODDINGTON

                  A4.  Ciceley

19H(M).  HAMON MASCY, de PONINGTON, lived in Ponington, England. Was son of Thomas Mascy and Agnes de Leigh. Knighted by 1366. Hamon fought for the Black Prince at the Battle of Poitiers in France in 1356, as reward for which he received pardon for having slain some men in Cheshire, except for his responsibilty for the death of the king's minister, Bertram de Norden, and that of Richard de Bechyngton. One is left to wonder concerning the punishment, if any, for the slaying of the two as to which his pardon did not extend. Died c1380.

                  A1. John Mascy, de Pontington

20H(M).  THOMAS MASCY, DE PONINGTON, son of Hamon Mascy de Ponington and Katherine Vernon. Knighted by 1347. He, his brothers, and son are remembered in Cheshire annals as a most violent family, ever engaged in feuds with neighboring lords, or in trouble of some other character. Thomas fought in France in 1346 in the Battle of Crecy under the Black Prince.

                  A1.  HAMON MASCY

21H(M).  HAMON MASCY, DE PONINGTON, born in England, some of Robert Rosethern. Knighted in 1347.

                  m. KATHERINE VERNON, daughter of ALAN VERNON of Rixton

                   A1. THOMAS MASCY                                  A5.  Richard Mascy

                   A2.  Henry Mascy                                             A6.  Hugh Mascy

                    A3. John Mascy                                                A7.  Hamo Mascy

                    A4.  William Mascy                                          A8.  Anne Mascy, m. Colburn


      Corrections/ Additions P 177

There is a Hamon Mascy who was born in 1284 in Tatton, Cheshire, England. It is possible this is the same Hamon Mascy. His father was listed as Robert Massy.




22H(M). ROBERT DE ROSETHERNE, born in England to William Mascy and his wife Margaret Mainearing. Name of wife unknown. Died c1328.

                A1.  William de Tatton, who married Margaret Lesh. grandfather of Sir John de Tatton who was killed in battle of Shrewsbury in 1403.

                A2.  HAMON MASCY, de Ponington

                 A3.  Adam? de Rixton

                  A4.  Robert Mascy, alive in 1342

23H(M).  WILLIAM MASCY, lived in England during reign of King Henry III. Son of Hamon IV. William probably participated in the battle of Evesham in late 1265. It looks as if William went with Prince Edward in 1270 to Palestine in the last of the Crusades to regain the Holy Land. It is almost certain that William died there, either of a wound sustained in battle, or of a disease.

                  m. MARGARET MAINEARING

                  A1.  Richard, was Sheriff of Cheshire. D 1302

                   A2. ROBERT MASCY, de ROSETHERNE

                   A3.  Thomas, who had a son, Hamon de Rixton

                     A4. Hawise Mascy

24H(M). Hamon Mascy IV, lived in England, a Massey of Cheshire and Lancashire. Born to Hamon III and Agatha de Theray. was liberally disposed towards the church. Alive between 1181 and 1232. name of wife unknown.

                     A1. Hamon V, became "Ould Sir Hamon." His son Hamon VI was the last of the Baronial title.

                      A2.  Thomas, married heir to Grafton

                      A3.  WILLIAM MASCY

                       A4.  Margery, married Roger Pain

25H(M).  HAMON III, a MASCY of Cheshire and Lancashire in England who was liberally disposed towards the church. Died between 1210 and 1215. m. AGATHA DE THERAY.

                      A1.  HAMON IV       A2. Robert Mascy          A3. John Mascy

                      A4. Agnes Mascy         A5. Sybil Mascy           A6. Daughter

Missing generation?

Hamon III founded Birket Abbey, across the Mersey from Liverpool during the reign of King Henry II.




26H(M). HAMON II, a Mascy of Cheshire and Lancashire in England. Soon of Hamon I and Margaret de Sacie. Died by 1140. m. ELEANOR BEAUMONT.

          A1.  Hamon III       A2. John Mascy        3. A3. Robert Mascy

27H(M). HAMON de MASCY, Hamon the first of CHeshire and Lancashire in England. Was Baroon of Dunham under Hugh Lupos (Earl of Chester under William the Conquerer, King of England 1066 - 1087, and his sons King William Rufus and Henry I.) It is possible that Hamin I and/or his father participated in the 1066 Invasion of England by William the Conqueror, perhaps Hamon having something to do with the Norman archers  at the Battle of Hastings, however, this has not been proven.


Most of the material on the Mascy-Massey family came from MASSEY GENEALOGY by Judge Frank. A. Massey. Spellings of the name common in England during the ages are: Mascy, Mace, Macei, Mascei, Massy. The spelling most common in America today is Massey.

      Corrections/ Additions P 179

Hamon Mascy First Baron, born about 1076 of Dunham Massy, Cheshire, England. Died Dunahm Massy, Cheshire, England. Married Margaret Sacie about 1099 in Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England.

Margaret Sacie was born before 1077 in Dunham Massy, Cheshire, England. Died about 1099 in Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England.

Eleanor de Beautmont married Hamon Mascy II Baron of Dunham about 1124 at Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England. She was born about 1115 and died after 1172. She was the daughter of Count Robert) Roger Beaumont of Meulan and Isabel (Elizabeth) de Crepi of Vermandois.

Hamon Mascy II  Baron of Dunham was born around 1100 in Cheadle, Cheshire, England. He died in 1140 in Dunham-Massy, Cheshire, England.

 Count Robert) Roger Beaumont of Meulan  was born between 1046 and 1049 in Port Au de Mer, France. He died on 5 June 1118 in Leicestershire, England. He was the son of Seigneur Roger de Beaumont of Beaumont and Adeline de Meulan.

Seigneur Roger de Beaumont of Beaumont  was born about 1022 at Beaumont-le-Roger, Europe, Normandy, France and died after 1090. He was the son of Seigneur Humphrey de Vielles and o Pont Audemer and Aubreye (Albreda) de la Haie de Lange.

Adeline de Meulan was the wife of   Seigneur Roger de Beaumont of Beaumont, born about 1022 in Meulan, Yvelines, Ile-de-France, France and died in 1081 at Sturminster Marshal, Dorset, England. Daughter of Count Waleran III of Meulan and Oda de Conteville.

Count Waleran III of Meulan, father of Adeline de Meulan was born about the year 0990 in Meulan, Yvelines, Ile-de-France, France and died about 8 October 1069. Son of Count Robert II (Hugo) of Meulan and Adelia (Alix) de Vexin.

Oda de Conteville, mother of Adeline de Meulan, first wife Count Waleran III of Meulan, was born about 0994 in Mellent, Normandy France and died after 1022. She was the daughter of Earl Jean de Coneville of Comyn.

Earl Jean de Conteville of Comyn was father of Oda de Conteville, born about 0969 in Tonsburgh & Comyn, Normandy, France. Died in Conteville, Normandy, France. Son of Bauduuin III of Flanders and Mathilde (Maud) Billung, of Saxony

Baudouin III of Flanders, father of Earl Jean de Conteville of Comyn was born about 0935  in Flanders, France and died on 1 January 0961 or 0962.

Mathilde (Maud) Billung , of Saxony, mother of Earl Jean de Conteville of Comyn, was born about 1942 in Saxony, Germany and died 25 May 1008. She was the daughter of Duke Hermann Billung of Saxony and Hildegard von Westerbourg.

Duke Hermann Billung of Saxony was father of Mathilde (Maud) Billung, of Saxony. He was born abou 0922 in Saxony, Germany and died on 27 March 0973.  He was the son of Count Billung of Saxony. He married Hildegard von Westerbourg.

Count Billung of Saxony  was born about 0890 in Stubeckshorn, Lower Saxony, Germany and he died on 26 May 1967. He was the father of Duke HErmann Billung of Saxony.

Hildegard von Westerbourg, wife of Duke Hermann Billung of Saxony, was born about the year 0922 in Westerberg, Saxony, Germany.

Adela (Alix) de Vexin, wife of Count Robert II (Hugo) of Meulan, mother of Count Waleran III of Meulan,  was born about the year 0970 in Vexin, Seine Inferieure, Normandy, France, daghter of Count Walter II of Vexin and Adele de Sentis.

Count Walter II of Vexin was born about 0952 in Amiens, Somme, Picardy, France, and he died between 1017 and 1027 at Castle at Crespy, Valois now Oise, Picardy, France. He was barried to Adele de Senlis, and they were parents of Adela (Alix) de Vexin.

Adele de Senlis was born about 0954 in Senlis, Oise, Picardy, France.

Eleanor Beaumont was born about 1100 in Cheshire, England. She married Hamon Massey about 1124 in Dunham, Massey, Cheshire, England.