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4H(F). Thomas Folsom, born in Duplin, North Carolina Cumberland County, on 13 November 1805, to George Folsom on 13 November 1805, to George Folsom and his wife Miss Edith Pennywell. He came with his parents when they moved in his boyhood to Pulaski County, Georgia (between 1808 and 1810), and when about grown, he moved with his widowed mother to Lowndes County (now Brooks), Georgia.

In 1828, he married Ann Rogers and they had seven children. Ann died in 1961. In Brooks County, Georgia, 18 January 1963, Thomas Folsom married Queen Victoria Wilkerson, the widowed daughter of Dr. Morgan Williams of upper Georgia. By her, five more children were born.

The homeplace of Thomas Folsom was on lot of land 217 District of Lowndes (Now Brooks) County, which he owned; it is located about fie miles north of Quitman on the road that goes to Barwick. He lived there until his death, 15 November 1877. The house completely burned down in the early part of the twentieth century.

Whenever Brooks County was being formed out of parts of Lowndes and Thomas Counties, 11 December 1858 a plan of organization was made. The following was copied from "An Act to Lay Out and Organize a new county from the counties of Lowndes and Thomas," which was included in The History of Brooks County, Georgia by Folks Huxford.

Section VII

"And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that all public business of said new county shall be transacted at Thomas Folsom's in said new county until the public site shall be located by the inferior court as aforesaid; and said place shall be one of the election precincts for said new county as long as the public business of the new county is transacted there."

Thomas Folsom also enlisted in the "Seventh Militia District of Brooks County, 81 at Batallion of the C.S.A." His name appears on the list of those between ages of 50 and 60 on that list on 27 October 1864, and on a Militia Enrollment List compiled for reorganization for the militia.


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In Jan. 1859, a month after the creation of Brooks County, the home of Thomas Folsom in Quitman was used as the county's first court room. Subsequently, a temporary courthouse was built.

County History: Brooks County was created by an act of the General Assembly approved on Dec. 11, 1858 (Ga. Laws 1858, p. 353). Created from portions of Lowndes and Thomas counties, Georgia's 131st county was named for South Carolina congressman Preston Brooks, an ardent supporter of states' rights.

County Seat: Quitman. The act creating Brooks County directed the judges of the inferior court to select a site within four miles of the center of the new county for erection of public buildings. The act further directed that the new county seat be named Quitman. The name honored Gen. John Quitman, former governor of Mississippi, American hero in the Mexican War, and Mississippi congressman at the time ofhis death in July 1858. Inferior court judges picked a site on the railroad connecting southwestern Georgia with Savannah. Quitman was incorporated by an act of the General Assembly approved Dec. 19, 1859.





for the state of Georgia for the 1199th District of Brooks County, Georgia listing his age as being 59. At the time of Thomas Folsom's enlistment, he had already lost three sons in the war.

Thomas Folsom bought his first tract of land in Brooks County, 500 acres, at 50cents per acre and then bought adjoining land until he owned 5000 acres. The land bought between 1848 and up to his death is recorded in the clerk's office of the courthouse of Brooks County, Georgia.

Also, in 1830 in Lowndes County, Thomas Folsom is listed as owning 5 slaves, two females, three children: however it is reported that by the time the War Between the States began, he was one of the largest slave owners in the area, and at the beginning of the war, he was to have set 100 slaves free. Also, some of the slaves are supposed to be buried in the cemetery where he is buried.

In 1850, when his land was in the Lowndes County area, the value of his real estate was listed as being $6000. In 1860, in Brooks County, his real estate was valued at $12,250, and his personal property (including house, buildings, machinery, slaves, etc.) was valued at $45,850. Reports are that Thomas Folsom hid several thousand dollars worth of gold on his property somewhere. If it was ever found, the finder did not acknowledge his find openly.

Thomas Folsom is buried along with a few other family members in a private cemetery back on the property he owned near his homeplace. His grave is on the property that is presently owned by one of his descendents, Mrs. Hazel Jones Carmichael of Quitman.

Copied form the Quitman Free Press, Saturday 17 November 1877

"Mr. Thomas Folsom, an old and well-known citizen of this county, died at his residence on Tuesday evening. He had been in feeble health for some time. He leaves a wife and seven children."



     m1. ANN RODGERS, born 30 October 1799 in Bladen or New Hanover County, North Carolina. She married Thomas Folsom in Georgia in 1828. She had come to her brothers, William H. Rodgers (or Rogers) and Uriah Rogers, also  her sister Mary Rodgers who married Benjamin Devane around 1813. (Mary was born 28 July in N. C.; d. 1874). Ann died in 1861 in Brooks County, Georgia. Her grave has not been identified, however it is probable that it is in the same cemetery  as that of her husband, with no mark for her name.

Parents: William Thomas Rodgers and Lucretia Treadwell, daughter of Maj. John Treadwell. Ann's brother, William H. Rodgers had 2 sons that were Confederate Soldiers, both killed in line of duty. One, Uriah J. Rodgers, was elected Captain of his regiment shortly before his death. He had been one of the first school teachers in Brooks County, Georgia. The other, Mitchell Adams Rodgers, was promoted from third corporal shortly before his death.

There is a letter in existence that was written to William H. Rodgers concerning the death of his two sons. It was taken from the Brooks County History and will be included in this section.

Headstone and grave of Thomas Folsom




Last Will and Testament of Thomas FOlsom.

Will Book A, p.153, Brooks County Courthouse Office of the Ordinary









                                                                                                                                                 P.135 Will Book A

                                                                                                                                                 Brooks County, Ga.

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Folsom

State of Georgia                                                                                 In the name of God --- Amen

Brooks County

I Thomas Folsom being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and cancelling all other wills heretofore made by me.

Items first: I desire my body buried in a manner suited to the condition in life. My soul I commend to God.

Item second: I desire that my just debts be paid as soon as practicable.

Item third: I desire and demand that all my property be kept together until my grand daughter youngest surviving child comes of age, and that our of income of said property my children b my wife Q. V. Folsom and also my said wife during her widowhood shall receive a support and maintenance, and my said children by my said wife out of said income shall receive a fair English education. If any of my said children by my said wife should marry before the time arrives for the distribution of my estates as hereinafter provided, I desire that such married son or daughter be allowed an advancement of one thousand dollars or less, according as my estate may afford, keeping in view the number of my legatees and the principles of equality among them, but in case of such marriage, of any of my children, their right to support out of my estate shall cease to such married child.

Item fourth: When my youngest living child shall come of age, I desire and demand that the right to support and maintain and provide for my wife and children in the preceding item shall cease, and that then, all my estate, real and personal, closes in action and money shall be equally divided between my widow and my children by her share and share alike. But the share herein provided for my said wife shall be a child's part, shall continue in her only for her lifetime or widowhood, and at her death or marriage shall be equally divided among my said children by my wife share and share alike. If any of  my said children by my said wife shall die before my youngest child reaches majority, then any child left by such a deceased son or daughter shall represent its parents in the distribution of my estate.



and if any such child of my said child shall die leaving no children surviving at the time of the distribution of my estate the share of such deceased shall lapse.

Item fifth: I hearby nominate and appoint my wife, Q. V. Folsom executrix of this my last will and testament and I humbly confer upon her the power and authority to sell or purchase property as in her judgement may be necessary to the protection and preservation of my estate.

This second day of November, 1877.

                                                                                                                                      Thomas Folsom

Signed, sealed , delivered, declared and published by Thomas Folsom as his last will and testament in the presence of us the undersigned who subscribe our names hereto as witnesses in the presence of said Thomas Folsom at  his special request and in the presence of each other, this November 2, 1977.

                                                                                                                                       Aaron Parrish

                                                                                                                                       E. A. Jukes

                                                                                                                                       Jimmy Wilson

Filed in office, November 7th, 1877

                                                                                                                                        A. P. Puham




Descendents of Thomas and Ann Folsom

A1. George W. Folsom, b. 1831 in Georgia.

A2.  James W. Folsom, b. 1833. Died single in Civil War.

A3.  Hampton Folsom, b. 1835. Enlisted in C. S. Army 14 August 1861, in Co. I, 26th Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army, North Virginia, Brooks County, Georgia. Piscola Volunteers. He died in service of disease on 6 January  1862. Unmarried.

A4.  Elizabeth J. Folsom, b. 1837 in Georgia. Married H. Henry Massey on 20 August 1856 in Brooks County, Georgia.

A5.  Susannah Folsom, b. 1839 in Georgia. Married Jacob Reddick in Thomas County, Georgia on 25 January 1859.

A6.  William J. Folsom, b. 1843 in Georgia. Enlisted in Co. C. 26th Regiment on 14 August 1861 and was given a disability discharge on 6 January 1862. Later, he enlisted in Co. L. 62nd Georgia Regiment, C.S.A. and transferred to new Coo. I 6th Georgia Cavalry Regiment on July 11, 1864. In the engagement at Burgess Mill, Virginia, an October 27, 1864, he was reported missing in action. Another report says he died in action. Unmarried.

A7. ADALINE FOLSOM, b. 13 January 1845 or 1846 in Brooks County, Georgia. Married Robert Lee Massey on 6 November 1866. Died October 1886. (Told about in more detail in family group 3H(M).

            Descendents of Thomas and Queen Victoria Folsom

A8.  Anna Folsom, b. 8 October 1963 in Brooks County, Georgia.

          M. Will Crane in 1880

A9. Georgia Virginia Folsom, b. 9 April 1869. Married S. R. George Troup Swilley on 23 June 1889 in Brooks County, Georgia.

          B1.  Lola Floyce Swilley

                  m. Benjamin H. Jones

                   C1. Hazel Jones. Lives in Quitman, Georgia

                        m. Abe Carmichael

                   C2. Calvin Swilley Jones. Lives in Barwick, Georgia

                   C3. Herbert H. Jones. Lie in McDonough, Georgia

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A1.  George W. Folsom was born on Lowndes County, Georgia. Married Nancy Elizabeth Bradford on 26 April 1861 in Brooks County, Georgia. He died in 1865.

A2.  James W. Folsom born in 1833 in Lowndes County, Georgia.

A3. Hampton Folsom was born in 1835 in Lowndes County, Georgia.

A4. Elizabeth J. (Lizzie) Folsom was born in 1837 in Lowndes County, Georgia. She married H. Henry Massey on 20 August 1856 in Thomas County, Georgia.

A5.  Susannah Folsom was born in 1839 in Lowndes County, Georgia.

A8.  Anna M. Folsom was born on 08 October 1863 in Lowndes County, Georgia. She died in 1909. She married W. N. Crane in 1880 in Georgia.

A9.  Georgia Virginia Folsom born 09 April 1869/70 in Brooks County, Georgia. She died on 20 April 1933 in Brooks County, Georgia. Was buried November 1933 in Brooks County, Georgia. She married Sherrod Richard Swilley on 23 June 1889 in Brooks County, Georgia.  (Sherrod Richard Swilley was born 11 July 1966 in Nankin, Brooks County, Georgia. He died 01 July 1928 in Georgia.

B1.  Lola Floyce Swilley was born on 12 April 1890 in Brooks County, Georgia. She died 03 October 1881 in Quitman (Brooks County), Georgia. She married Benjamin Harris Jones on 25 October 1910 in Brooks County, Georgia. 

Benjamin Harris Jones, husband of Lola Floyce Swilley, was born on 10 September 1882 in Dixie, Georgia (Brooks County.) He died 20 December 1965 in Brooks County, Georgia and was buried in Quitman, Georgia (Brooks County).

C1. Hazel Jones was born 09 August 1911 in Brooks County, Georgia to Benjamin Harris Jones and Lola Floyce Swilley. She died 03 Janaury 1989 in Brooks County, Georgia.

C2.  Calvin Swilley Jones was born on 15 March 1913 in Barwick (Brooks County), Georgia. He died 23 April 2004 in Georgia. Married to Mary.




                    C4.  W. Troop Jones, lives in Greensboro, Georgia

                     C5.  Emory P. Jones, deceased in Barnesville, Georgia

                      C6.  Marguerite Jones. Lives in Tifton, Georgia.

                                    m.  James Smallwood

                       C7.  B. H. (Red) Jones, lives in Moultrie, Georgia

                        C8. Thomas P. Jones, Lives in Quitman, Georgia

              B2. Thelma Swilley

                      m. Claude Turner

                       C1.  Marie Turner

                       C2.  Carolyn Turner

                        C3.  Lillian Turner

A10.  Willie Mertice Folsom, b. 19 September 1872. Married to Robert A. L. Maxwell on 27 April 1892 in Brooks County, Georgia.

A11.  Cornelia Thomas Folsom, b. 19 August 1876. Married James. M. Swilley on 26 December 1893 in Brooks County, Georgia.l No children.

A12.  Fannie  S. Folsom, "Shug," married C. K. Porter on 12 October 1887 in brooks County, Georgia. B. 1866 in Brooks County, Georgia.

It has been reported that Thomas Folsom had sons in both the Confederate and Union Armies during the Civil War. Perhaps James W. Folsom and/or George W. Folsom were soldiers in the Union Army, as no records were found concerning military service in the Confederate Army, although the author did find a statement that James W. Folsom was a soldier.

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B2. Thelma Swilley was born in April 1896 in Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia to Sherrod Richard Swilley and Georgia Virginia Folsom.

A10.  Willie Mertice Folsom was born on 19 September 1872 in either Lowndes or Brooks County, Georgia.

A1.  Cornelia Thomas Folsom born 19 August 1876 in Lowndes/Brooks County, Georgia. She married James E. Swilley of Wigham, Grady County, Georgia. (He was born in 1872.)

A12.  Fannie (Lee) Folsom was born to Thomas Folsom and Queen Victoria Williams about 1866 in Brooks County. She died on 03 June 1894.