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5H(R). WILLIAM THOMAS ROGERS, b. c1751. D. 1816 in Hanover County, North Carolina.

           m. LUCRECIA TREADWELL, daughter of Major John Treadwell. She was born 1 August 1767 and died 1 August 1844 in Sampson County, North Carolina.


          A1. Elizabeth Rogers, b. 20 May 1784

          A2.  Samuel Rogers,  b. 31 January 1786.

          A3. Charlotte Rogers, b. 24 October 1790.

          A4. James Rogers, b. 16 February 1793

          A5. Mary Jane Rogers, b. 28 July 1795. m. Benjamin Devane in 1814. He ws born on Bladen County, N.C. on 4 February 1796 and died 28 October 18798; Mary died 14 March 1874. both are buried at Mount Enon Baptist Church Cemetery in Plant City, Florida. He and all his children, except for the two oldest sons, moved to Florida, while those two stayed behind in the area of Brooks County, Georgia.

               B1. John Thomas Devane, b. 21 APril 1815. m. Edith Parrish 18 May 1838. m2. Martha Hicks, 26 May 1846.

               B2. William H. Devane, b. 22 March 1817. m. Margaret A Rogers, cousin.

               B3. Samuel R. Devane, b. 26 December 1821. m. Mary Coker    m2. Mary Smart

               B4. Nancy Jane Devane, b. 14 September 1824. m. William English.

               B5. James S. Devane, b. 1 Janaury 1827. m1. Rhoda Lewis 1 September 1853. m2. Nancy A. Johnson on 22 June 1879. m3. Sarah Anderson, 5 May 1901.

               B6.  George J. Devane, b. 20 November 1832. m. Eliza Jane Morgan.

                B7. Benjamin Franklin Devane, b. 1 April 1835. m. Nancy Jane Blanton.

A6. Thomas Rogers, b. 9 September 1797.


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Lucretia Treadwell married William Thomas Rogers about 1783 in Sampson County, North Carolina. She died 01 August 1844 in Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia. She was the daughter of Major John Treadwell, Revolutionary Soldier, and Sarah Herring of Sampson County, North Carolina. They were married  about 1783 in Duplin, now Sampson County, North Carolina.

Information that conflicts what was recorded in this book: William Thomas Rogers was the son of Thomas (1716-1782) and Elizabeth (d. bef 782). His father came from Rhode Island with his parents, Peleg Rogers (1695 - 1768)  and Isabel Brand (d.754). He died about 1815 in New Hanover County, North Carolina. He, as well as his cousin, also named Thomas, son of Job Rogers, served in the Revolutionary Arm from North Carolina.

By 1816,Lucretia Rogers was in Bulloch County, Georgia with some of her children. She was listed as a widow in 1819 in the sale of land along the Black Creek in New Hanover County. The 1820 census shows Lucretia and her children in the household of Benjamin Devane.

n 1825, Francis Devane, Benjamin's brother, acted as attorney for Lucretia Rogers and her children James Rogers, Ann Rogers and Benjamin Devane in the sale of 585 acres of land in New Hanover Count, North Carolina. The Rogers family then came to Lowndes County (now Brooks County), Georgia in 1828, moving with the Devane family.

Lucretia Rogers is buried in the Rogers cemetery about six miles north of Quitman, Georgia (Dist. 12, lot 382) in an unmarked grave where other Rogers and Devanes are buried. The Rogers Cemetery exists where stated and is being maintained by a Devane. Stanley D. Rogers, Sr. visited he cemetery in June 1997. There were five tombstones or markers as follows.

Rogers, Moses B. Son Of J.G. & A.M. Rogers
(Woodmen of the John F. Devane
World Memorial) 6/9/1860

John T. Devane Martha Hicks
4/21/1815 6/21/1824
2/24/1892 9/25/1906

William B. Devane

The Rogers Cemetery is located off Hwy 76N, turn right on Jackson Road after 2nd dirt road to right, cemetery is on left approximately 1/4 mile off road on top of hill in middle of field.
The Rogers children intermarried with several of Brooks County's pioneer families including Devane, Folsom and Hicks.


There is a question on the maiden name of Lucretia Treadwell. Found in the library at Wilmington,
North Carolina in a folder was a flyleaf of a bible with the following handwritten words:

W. H. Rogers., Bo
Presented by J J Rogers (Joseph Jasper)
Who was born in Lowndes Aug 22 1839'
Who was a son of Uriah Rogers who was bornd in Hanover Co.N.C. 1807 May the fe
Died Aug 187

Whose = wife my= Mother also bornd in NC Hanover CountyA.D. 1814 whose maiden name was
Elizabeth Hicks
My Fathers Mothers maiden name was Lucretia Williams a daughter of a Revolutionary 1776 Soldier Who is buried 6 mile north of Quitmanin Brooks Co.

Does this mean that Lucretia Treadwell was a Williams

Additional information:

A2.  Samuel Rogers died 1816.

A4.  James Rogers born 16 February 1793 in New Hanover County, North Carolina. Died about 1847 in Brooks County, Georgia.

A6.  Thomas Rogers died before 1815.




A7.  ANN ROGERS, b. 30 October 1977. m. Thomas Folsom. Died 1861. See Famliy Group 4H(F)

A8.  John Rogers, b. 1 Janaury 1802.

A9.  Miriam Rogers, b. 28 September 1803.

A10. Uriah Rogers, b. 1 May 1807.

A1. William H. Rogers, b. 2 May 1816. D. 12 May 1889.

        m1.  Sarah Adams

        B1. Uriah Rogers

        B2.  Mitchell Adams Rogers

        m2. Elizabeth Harrell, 5 June 1853

         B3. John Thomas Rogers, b. 10 November 1855. D. 1921. m. Janie

         B4. Nancy Rogers, b. 14 July 1857. D. 4 November 1864.

         B5. Alice Lee Rogers, b. 13 December 1858; D. 1939. m. Thomas Culpepper

          B6. Moses Bunuan Rogers, b. 14 November 1860; d. 12 May 1919. m. Nellie Mitchell.

          B7. Martha E. Rogers, b. 14 March 1862; D. 21 November 1869.

          B8.  Willie J. Rogers, b. 14 July 1860. m. Issac Clemmons

          B9.  Laura Rogers, b. 13 July 1868. D. 12 June 1950. m. W. R. Patrick

          B10. Margaret Lee Rogers, b. 12 February 1966. D. 24 August 1933. m. M. P. Willaford.

          B11. O. L. Rogers, b. 8 August 1870; D. 7 November 1954. m. Ida Lee Duckworth

          B12. Nettie Rogers, b. 30 July 1873. D. 1952. m. Leymon Duckworth

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A10. Uriah Rogers was born 1 May 1807, New Hanover County, North Carolina. died 1874 in Brooks County, Georgia.

A11. William Haywood Rogers, born 2 May 1810 in New Hanover County, North Carolina. died 2 Janaury 1889 Lowndes County, Georiga.




The soldier referred to in this letter was Sgt. Mitchell Adams Rodgers, and his older brother, Uriah J. Rodgers.

A Soldier's Letter

The following letter was written to Mr. W. H. Rodgers of Brooks County, Georgia by a former Yankee soldier, and reflects the strong feeling of kindness and sympathy which in so many instances was manifested by soldiers on both sides.

                                                                                                                                Augusta, Maine

                                                                                                                                  August 1, 1866

Mr. Wm. H. Rodgers

My Dear Sir:

I will now do a duty which I have been prevented from doing before on account of a want of mail facilities.

I have been a solider in the Federal Army; was at the battle of Cedar Creek, VA on the 19th o October, 1864, just at night of this day as we were advancing over ground lately gained. I came upon a soldier in gray uniform whose intelligent and expressive countenance so attracted my attention I could not resist the temptation to stop and learn something of him. He was a sergeant in Co. "G" (I think), 26th Georgia regiment, and his name was Rodgers, but the first name I have forgotten. He was wounded in his left breast, and seemed conscious that he had but a short time to lives. He told me he had a brother (older I think) lying dead but a few rods away. He was calm, quiet, and resigned, and said he would feel no anger for those who had caused his wound, as they, like himself, felt they were doing their duty. He seemed as quiet as though sleeping, suffering no pain.  I gave him a drink of water, placed his blanket comfortably under his head, and pinned his  name, regiment, and company upon it.

In answer to my inquiry whether he wished any word sent any friend or relative, if ever opportunity offered, he said, "If ever the war is over, and you can, write my father who lives in Quitman, Georgia and tell him where I died." He then gave me your address. Reluctantly, I left him, feeling as though leaving a friend so strongly had his quiet demeanor and forgiving spirit impressed me. In those few minutes I had, I did not know whether he died or lived for I could never find the time to return to the spot, although wishing to do so, but often has my mind returned to that spot, surrounded by those scenes of duty which everywhere wet the eye in Shenandoah Valley, with the autumn sun sinking behind the mountains, and have felt at times when weary with the perplexities of life, almost envious of the quiet repose of the soldier.

It would gratify me to know if you receive this. Anything directed to Augusta, ME, care  "Maine Farmer" will reach me.

I am, dear SIr, with great respect,

Your obediant servant,
LaGrange Severance


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Lagrange Severance is not a family member, however, I checked and found that a man named Lagrange Severance was born in Maine in 1839/40, and married and became a physician.

LaGrange Severance was born December 28, 1839. His early education was obtained in public school and academy, which he left at the age of fourteen, and entered the office of the Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor, Me., where he remained until he arrived at the age of twenty-one. At the breaking out of the war, he unhesitatingly entered the army, as a private, in Company H, Twelfth Regiment Maine Volunteers. His regiment was assigned to Gen. B. F. Butler’s Division, and after the capture of the forts in the Gulf of Mexico, was assigned to duty at New Orleans. He was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant in April, 1863, and again to the responsible position of Adjutant of his Regiment, in February, 1864. He was with his regiment at the battles of Ponchatoula, Irish Bend, siege of Port Hudson, and in the campaign of the Shenandoah; under Gen. Phil Sheridan at the battles of Winchester, Fisher’s Hill and Cedar Creek; was wounded at Ponchatoula and Po!
rt Hudson; after the battle of Cedar Creek, was again promoted to the position of Acting Assistant Adjutant General of the First Brigade, Second Division, Nineteenth Army Corps, where he remained until the mustering out of the regiment in December, 1864, at the expiration of its three years’ service. Soon after the close of the war, he began the study of medicine, and graduated from the Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, in May 1868, when he commenced the practice of medicine in South Whitley, Ind., and in October, 1869, he came to Huntington County, and has remained here ever since, enjoying the confidence and respect of all with whom he has associated. Dr. Severance is a member of the Masonic Order, having attained the rank of Knight Templar.

History of Huntington County, Indiana (Brant & Fuller: Chicago, IL) 1887. Biographical Sketches of Huntington – City and Township. Pages 533-4.







5H(F). GEORGE FOLSOM, born in either Duplin or Cumberland County, North Carolina about 1770 to Nathaniel Folsom and his wife. He moved with his family to Georgia between 1808 and 1810. His brothers Nathaniel and Thomas, and others connected came about the same time and all settled in Pulaski and Washington Counties.

George served in the War of 1812, in the Georgia Militia under Capt. Allen Tooke, in 1813. His detachment built forts on the frontier of Pulaski County, to protect the county against Indian depredations.

George Folsom died intestate in Pulaski County, Georgia in 1819. His homeplace was on lots 315 and 316 in the 15th District. The estate was administered by William Folsom and Mrs. Edith Folsom, the widow; they were appointed 6 September 1819, giving bond in the sum of $8000. A dowry was granted the widow on 7 March 1820.

m. EDITH PENNYWELL, in North Carolina, probably around 1795. Edith was born around 1770, according to one source in Scotland and another in North Carolina.

On her husband's death, she was administrator, along with her son-in-law William Folsom, of his estate. She was made guardian of her children, Pollie, Chloe Ann, and Ebenezer Folsom, still minors.

Sometimes between 1825 and 1830, the widow and her minor children moved to Lowndes (now Brooks) County where she died about 1845.

On 23 June 1823, she married George Brice in Pulaski Count, thus her guardianship of her minor children was revoked on 6 September 1824 by Pulaski Court of Ordinary. In those days, married women could not make or assure any contract or obligation, hence after her remarriage, the revocation of her appointment.


          P. 193 Additions/Corrections

Edith Pennywell was born in Scotland around 1774. She married George Folsom around 1797 in Cumberland, North Carolina. She died in Lowndes County, Georgia in 1845.



Descendents of George and Edith Pennywell Folsom:

A1. Elizabeth Folsom, b. 1797 in N. C. d. 1877.

           m.  William Folsom, her cousin on 11 December 1813. He was son of Lawrence Folsom and served in the War of 1812 under Capt. Allen Tooke in command of a military detachment of Pulaski County, Georgia. guarding the Ocmulgee River. d. November 1870.

Both William and Elizabeth are buried on their old homeplace almost two miles due east of Barney, Georgia where they had a large plantation overlooking the Little River. It is a small family cemetery and the graves are unmarked. Previously they had lived in Worth  County area (was Irwin County) and moved there around 1821, living there twelve years before moving to Lowndes County.

          B1.  Jane Folsom, b. 1816. m. James Perry, Jr.

          B2.  Rachel Ann folsom, b. 1819. m. Isah B. Ryall on 6 October 1842.

          B3.  Eady (Edith) Folsom, b. 1821. m. Weston W. Rountree, son of James and Nancy Hendley Rountree c. 1843.

          B4.  George Folsom, b. 1823. m. Jane

          B5. Nancy Folsom, b. 1827. m. John Bradford

          B6. Noah Folsom, b. 832. m. ?

          B7. Hardy V. Folsom, b. 1837. m. Temperance Wells, daughter of Berry Wells.

A2.  Sarah Folsom, b. 1798 in N.C. m. Randall Folsom on 17 February 1820. possibly a cousin.

A3. Pollie Folsom, b. 1800 in N.C. m. William Bennett on 15 February 1823. After her father's death, was under guardianship first of her mother, then of Jason Brinson.

A4.  Israel Folsom, b. 1803 in N.C. m. Elizabeth Dampier, daughter of William Dampier. After his father's death, was under guardianship of William Folsom.

A5. Mary Folsom

A6. THOMAS FOLSOM, b. 1805 in N.C. After his father's death, was under guardianship of Randall Folsom. m. ANN RODGERS m2. Queen Victoria Williams Wilkerson. (Elaborated on in family group 4H(F).


          P. 194 Additions/Corrections

A1.  Elizabeth Folsom was born 1797 in Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina. Died in 1877 in Brooks County, Georgia. Buried in 1877 in the Folsom Family Cemetery in Brooks County, Georgia. Daughter of George Folsom and Edith Pennywell. Married George Folsom (cousin) on 11 December 1813.

B1. Jane Folsom was born in 1816 in Pulaski or Lowndes County, Georgia. She married James Perry, Jr.

B2. Rachel Ann Folsom was born 1819 in Lowndes County, Georgia. She died on 4 November 1862 in Brooks County, Georgia. She married Isaiah Ryall (born about 1810)

B3. Edith Folsom was born 1 August 1821 in Pulaski County, Georgia. She married Weston Rountree in 1843.

 (Weston Rountree was born on 5 July 1815 in Pulaski County, Georgia; died 12 February 1885 in Lowndes County, Georgia, son of James Rountree and Nancy Hendley. James Rountree was born iin 1787 in Burke County, Georgia. Died near Tallahassee, Florida, date unknown. Son of William Rountree of North Carolina, who was the son of Francis Rountree  who died inn North Carolina in 1750. James Rountree and Nancy Hendley were married 6 March 1811 in Pulaski County, Georgia. Nancy was born 22 April 1793, and died about 1845 in Berrien County, Georgia.)

B4.  George Folsom, b. 1823 in Thomas County, Georgia.  Married Jane Everett on 27 August 1849 in Thomas County, Georgia.  (Jane was born in 1823 in Thomas County, Georgia, daugher of James J. Everett.)

B5.  Nancy Folsom was born to William and Elizabeth Folsom in 1827 in Irwin or Lowndes County, Georgia. She married John Bradford.

B6. Noah  Folsom, born around 1831 or 1832 in Irwin or Lowndes  County, Georgia was listed as a married farmer, age 49, in the 1800 census report. He lived in Morven, Brooks County, Georgia. Listed father as from North Carolina and mother from Georgia.

B7. Hardy V. Folsom, born 1837 in Irwin or Lowndes County, Georgia, Married Temperence Wells on 26 August 1859 in Brooks County, Georgia.

A2. Sarah Folsom was born 15 September 1798 in North Carolina. Died 13 July 1851 in Lowndes County, Georgia. Daughger of George Folsom and Edith Pennyell. Married Randall Folsom in Pulaski County, Georgia on 17 February 1820.

(Randall Folsom was born in 1977 in Burke County, Georgia, son of Lawrence Armstrong Folsom and Rachael Vickers. Died 28 May 1872 in Lowndes County, Georgia. His father, Lawrence Armstrong Folsom was born about 1772 in North Carolina, died 1842 in Lowndes County, Georgia - was son of William Folsom and Sarah Armstrong. William Folsom was born about 1746 and died about 1802. His father was Jeremiah Folsom. Rachael Vickers was born about 1778 in North Carolina and died in Irwin County, Georgia. Date unkown.)

A4.  Pollie Folsom was born in 1800 in Duplin or Fayetteville (Cumberland), North Carolina. She died 15 February 1823, Lowndes County. Daughter of George Folsom and Edith Pennywell.  Married William Bennett.

A5. Listed in the redbook as Mary Folsom, but it appears that Pollie was also called Mary.

A4. Israel Folsom and Elizabeth Dampier had a daughter named Nancy Folsom, who was born in 1831 in Lowndes County, Georgia. This Nancy Folsom married John H. Hoper in 1852 in Lowndes County, Georgia. (John H. Hopper died in 1906.)




A7.  Pennywell Folsom, b. 1810 in Georgia. Married Pollie McCleod. Was born in Pulaski County. After his father's death and his mother's subsequent remarriage, Pennywell was taken in charge by William Folsom, who became his guardian. He came with William and the family to Lowndes County in his youth and was married there.

          B1.  Chloe Ann Folsom, b. 1830. m. McKeen Green McCall

          B2.  Bryant Folsom, b. 1832. M. Nancy Johnson, d. of Wilson Johnson.

         B3. Emily folsom, b. 1833. m. George Clifton of Montgomery County.

          B4. Edith Folsom, b. 1834. M. James D. Smith. Died 1907.

Pennywell also volunteered during the Indian War of 1836 - 1840 which began in south Georgia, in a company of Lowndes County militia under command of Capt. Hamilton Sharpe. His command was in the battle or engagement at Brushy Creek in Western Lowndes (now Cook) County, and Mr. Pennywell Folsom was killed, being the only casualty on the battlefield. The engagement took place on 15 July 1836. (Another man, Edwin M. Henderson was wounded and died five days later of wounds.)

A8.  Chloe Ann Folsom, b. 1812 in Pulaski County, Georgia. After her father's death, had her mother as her guardian, then later, Jason Brinson. Married Mr. English. No Children.

A9.  Ebenezer George Folsom, b. 1817 in Pulaski County, Georgia. Since his father died when he was about two years old, his mother was his guardian until replaced by Jason Brinson. Ebenezer grew up in Pulaski County and came to young manhood in Lowndes County where his older brothers had already moved. He died in Brooks County on 1 February 1864. The Folsom home and plantation was in the present Barney district of Brooks County, near the Lowndes County Line. Married Priscilla Jane Rodgers in 1838. Priscilla was born in Pulaski County on 28 March 1819.

          B1.  Ann J. Folsom. b. 1839. Died single about 1865.

          B2.  Edith Folsom, b. 1841. m. Martin Knight 26 July 1865.

           B3. Leah Folsom, b. 1842. M. Theophilus B. Williford

           B4. Pennywell G. Folsom, b. 1844. m1. E. P. Williford on 29 July 1866. m2. Laura Newsome, daughter of Solomon Newsome, Jr.


          P. 195 Additions/Corrections

B1. Chloe Ann Folsom was born 7 May 1830 in Quitman (Brooks County), Georgia. She died 29 May 1906. She married  McKeen Green McCall on 28 January 1847. She was born to Mary of Pollie McCleod.  (Mary/Pollie McCleod was born about 1808 in Quitman (Brooks County), Georgia.

B2. Bryant Folsom was born  in 1832 in Brooks County or Pulaski County, Georgia to Mary or Pollie McCleod.

B3. Emily Folsom was born in 1933 in Lowndes County, Georgia to Pennywell Folsom and Pollie McCleod.

B4. Edith Folsom was born 27 December 1844 in Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia. She died 12 August 1907.

A9.  Ebenezer George Folsom was born 28 March 1817 in Pulaski County, Georgia to George Folsom and Edith Pennywell.

B1. Ann J. Folsom was born in 1835 in Lowndes County, Georgia to George Folsom and Edith Pennywell. Died in 1865.

B2. Edith Folsom was born in 1841 in Lowndes County, Georgia to Ebenezer George Folsom and Priscilla Jane Rodgers.

B3. Leah Folsom was born in 1842 in Lowndes County, Georgia to Ebenezer George Folsom and Priscilla Jane Rodgers.

B4. Pennywell G. Folsom was born in 1844 in Lowndes County, Georgia to Ebenezer George Folsom and Priscilla Jane Rodgers. He married Laura V. Newsome (born May 1881) on 11 June 1882 in Lowndes County, Georgia. He died 02 December 1915.





       B5.  Margaret G. Folsom, b. 1846. M. William Watson 24 February 1870.

      B6.  James G. Folsom, m1. Elizabeth Spell (D. of John Spell) m2. Elizabeth Moody of Lowndes County on 12 January 1873.

       B7. Frances T. Folsom, b. 1850. died young.    

       B8. Susannah A. Folsom, b. 1852. M. J. A. Guest 8 Feb 1870.

       B9.  Ebenezer Folsom, b. 1855. m. Mary Jane Holland

       B10. Frances Virginia Folsom, b. 1857. M. John Dykes

       B11. Israel L. Folsom, b. 1860. m. Ann Civility Walker (D. of F. B. Walker)

Note: Priscilla Jane Rogers was daughter of James and Nancy Rogers of New Hanover County, North Carolina.

A10.  Rachel Folsom, b. 1802 in N. C. Died April 1869 and buried by her husband in the Folsom Cemetery on the east side of Little River in Brooks Count, Georgia (UMG).

        m. John Folsom, her cousin.

        B1.  Lawrence A. Folsom, b. 1823. m. Martha Rodgers, d. of Uriah Rodgers

        B2.  Eady (Edith) Folsom, b.1825. m. Bethel Mattox, son of Aaron Mattox. Removed to Holmes County, Florida.

        B3.  William A. Folsom, b. 1828. M. Martha Rodgers

        B4.  Jincy Folsom, b. 1830. Died single 1857.

        B5.  George W. Folsom, b. 1831. M. Elizabeth Bradford, d. of John Bradford

        B6.  Ann American Folsom, b. 1833. M1. Henry Joyce M2. John Barfield

        B7. John A. Folsom, b. 1834. M. Calledonia Rodgers, daughter of Uriah Rodgers.

Reference: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia by Huxford


          P. 196 Additions/Corrections

B5.  Margaret G. Folsom was born in 1846 in Lowndes County, Georgia to Ebenezar George Folsom and Priscilla Jane Rodgers. She married William Watson 24 February 1870 in Georgia.

B6. James T. Folsom was born in 1848 in Lowndes County, Georgia to Ebenezer J. Folsom and Priscilla Jane Rodgers.

B7.  Susannah A. Folsom was born in 1852 in Lowndes County, Georgia to Ebenezer George Folsom and Priscilla Jane Rodgers. She married J. A. guest on 08 February 1870 in Georgia.

B9.  Ebenezer Folsom was born in 1855 in Lowndes County, Georgia to Ebenezer George Folsom and Priscilla Jane Rodger. He died before 15  July 1886. He married Mary Jane Holland on 28 December 1878 in Georgia.

B10. Frances Virginia Folsom was born to Ebenezer J. Folsom and Priscilla Jane Rodgers in 1857 in Lowndes County, Georgia. She died 07 March 1825. She married John Jepthy Dykes about 1880 in Brooks County, Georgia. (John Depthy Dykes was born 16 February 1850 in Dooly County, Georgia. He died 13 April 1892.

B11. Israel L. Folsom was born in Brooks County, Georgia in 1860. At age 20, he lived with P. J. Folsom, his mother, and was single, in Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia.

A10.  Rachel Folsom married her cousin, John Folsom, on 8 August 1822 in Pulaski County, Georgia. (John Folsom was born in 1799 in Georgia; died in 1858 in Lowndes County, Georgia. Son of Lawrence Armstrong Folsom and Rachael Vickers.)

B2.  Edith Folsom married Bethel Mattox about 1843 in Lowndes County, Georgia. (Bethel Mattox was born 1819 in Bulloch County, Georgia.)

B3. William A. Folsom, son of John Folsom and Rachel Folsom, was born on 22 April 1828 in Lowndes County, Georgia. He died 19 September 1914.

B4. Jincy Folsom was born in 1830 to John and Rachel Folsom in Lowndes Count, Georgia. Died in 1857.

B5.  George W. Folsom was born to John and Rachel Folsom in 1831 in Lowndes County, Georgia.

B6.  Ann American Folsom was born 1833 (or 30 August 1834) in Lowndes County, Georgia.  She married Henry J. Joyce in 1854 in Lowndes County, Georgia. (Conflicting dates here, because familysearch lists Ann America Folsom and Henry J. Joyce getting married in 1854 in Lowndes County, Georgia, and the same document states that he died in 1840. Another entry at familysearch lists Ann America Folsom, daughter of John and Rachel Folsom as being born in 1833 in Twiggs County and dying in 1912.

Ann America Folsom also married John F. Barfield in Lowndes County, Georgia  in 1862. He died on 17 February 1923.

B7. John A. Folsom was listed as being 44 years old, born in 1835 or 1836 in Lowndes County, Georgia in the 1880 census. Married and a farmer. Son of John and Rachel Folsom.






6H(F). NATHANIEL FOLSOM, Son of Edith Smith Bryan and Ebenezer Folsom. Probably born in North Carolina. date unknown, in 1700's. Lived in Cumberland County, N. C. in 1790 and was last on record there in 1798. He came to Georgia with his family around 1808 - 1810 so probably died in Georgia, date unknown. He owned nine slaves in 1798. Name of wife, unknown.

          A1.  Nathaniel Folsom

           A2. Thomas Folsom

            A3.  GEORGE FOLSOM, b. c1770 in N. C. (Told about in more detail in sections 5H(F).)

            A4.  William Willis Folsom

             A5.  Ebenezer Folsom

             A6.  Isaac Folsom

             A7,  A8,  A9,  A10.   All daughters, names unknown.


7H(F). EBENEZER FOLSOM, son of Israel Folsom. He came south with a group from New Jersey and purchased land in Edgemont County, North Carolina. He was married twice. Name of first wife unknown. His will was recorded on 17 August 1788 in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

                m2. EDITH SMITH BRYAN

                 A1.  Israel Folsom

                  A2.  NATHANIEL FOLSOM (Told about in more detail in section 6H(F).

                   A3. Ebenezer Folsom

                    A4. William Folsom

                     A5. George Folsom

                      A6. Thomas Folsom

                       A7. Elizabeth Folsom


          P. 197 Additions/Correction

6H(F).  Nathaniel Folsom, son of Ebenezer Folsom, was born about 1749 or 1756  in Edgecomb or Cumberland, North Carolina. Wife's name was Charlotte.

A4.  William Willis Folsom was born in 1772 in Cumberland, North Carolina, son of Nathaniel Folsom and Charlotte Folsom.  Died 21 February 1815 in Virginia. He was married about 1790 - 1791 in Cumberland, North Carolina. Wife's name is not known, but she was born about 1770 in North Carolina.

A6. Isaac Folsom was born about 1774 - 1776 (or 1786) in Cumberland, North Carolina, son of Nathaniel Folsom.






8H(F). ISRAEL FOLSOM, son of John and Rachel Folsom.

          Name of wife is unknown.

          A1. Nathaniel Folsom, came south with a group from New Jersey and purchased land in Edgemont County, N.C. He later moved to Mississipp to search for told and married a Chockataw Indian.

            A2. Israel Folsom  

           A3. EBENEZER FOLSOM, (Told about in more detail in group 7H(F).

           They were baptized in Congregations Church in Ashville, Connecticut on 3 March 1728.

9H(F).  JOHN FOLSOM, came to American from England for religious reasons on the ship of Mary and John.   He and his wife settled in New Hampshire, then later Massachusetts around 1638.

             m. RACHEL, presumably in England.

            A1. ISRAEL FOLSOM (Told about in more detail in group 8H(F)

            A2.  Samuel Folsom

          P. 198 Additions/Corrections

Uncertain about the following info, but it's included as a starting point. Unverified.
A1. Nathaniel Folsom was born on 17 May 1756 in Rowan, North Carolina. Died 9 October 1833 at Mountain Fork, Choctaw Nation, Mississippi. Son of Israel Folsom. Married two times. m1. Ai-Ne-Chi-Hoyo, (1760) m2. I-Ah-Ne-Cha OHOYAH (1785)