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The Duprees

This is a history of the families of Mary Effie Harrell and Luther Cleveland Chastain. One cannot help but notice the frequency of the name Dupree among the descendents. First, Sarah Eileen Chastain married Robert Hilton Dupree. Then, Alma Oresa Chastain married a brother of "Bob", Lee Willis Dupree. Furthermore, there was already another connection to the same Dupree family when earlier, Cora Lee Harrell, sister of Mary Effie Chastain, had married Lora Bee Dupree, half brother of Bob and Lee.

The author incidentally found a few facts about the Dupree name that will be included here, even though trivial, in the interest of family members that are Duprees.

Apparently, when the Hugenots came to America, not only were there Chastains among the group from France, but there were also Dupuys or Deprees among their group that settled at Mannikintowne, Virginia. Thus, the Duprees and Chastains shared a common background, leaving their country for religious liberty. Many of the Huguenots adopted English names after they arrived, and among these is the name Dupuy, which in English form was spelled Dupree and Dupuy.

Some early Chastains also married women with the name Dupuy. One for instance was Dr. Estienne (Stephen) Chastain who married in England to Martha Dupuy in 1700. Martha was a daughter of Bartholomew Dupuy, a well-known soldier and patriot in France, who escaped from Paris with his bride on December 1686. He spent 12 years in Germany with his two in England, then they and their four daughters reached Manikintowne, Virginia around 1700. There are several books written about Bartholomew Dupuy.

Also, Gui Chastain, Chevelier, Marechal of France, married Madelene Du Puy (Depuy) in France on 4 January 1502.

Those two instances were cited earlier in the section on Chastain history.



Our Reunions

For years, the Chastain family has had a big reunion every year in Thomasville, where all Chastains and relatives for miles around would gather for food and fellowship. Most of our branch attended sometimes, however in 1977, we had the first official reunion of just the families related to Luther Cleveland Chastain and Mary Effie Harrell. We also included the Dupree family as there were many of us also Duprees.

These reunions were set up to be held on the first Sunday in October every year at Suanee River State Park, about 10 miles north of Live Oak, Florida, that being, more-or-less central in location for the majority of family members.

We all met there in the morning, then around noon, the table would be set and the feasting began. How could anyone family have so many good cooks? Naturally, many of us made gluttons of ourselves. But what we enjoyed most was a chance to see each other, to catch up on family news, and to just laugh together and strengthen our relationships.

1977 reunion. Eileen Dupree, Gloria Chastain, Mickey Dupree,  L. C. Chastain, Jr., Eloise Chastain, Harold Zellener




Mary Effie Chastain, Mike Dupree


Standing: Eileen Dupree holding Tyler McQuigg, Cora Dupree, Mary Effie Chastain, Pat Chastain, Sitting left, Becky Chastain, Standing right, Camille Zellner and Tracy Long.

L-R: Jay Dupree, Harold Zellner, Bob Dupree, Foy Dupree





 L-R: Pat Chastain, Jr. Pat Chastain, Sr. Ryan Smith, Mary Effie Chastain, Kenrad Chastain, Margaret Chastain, L. C. Chastain, Jr.




Wayne Long and John Williams



 L-R: Bob Dupree, Mike Dupree, Jay Dupree, Foy Dupree, Pat Dupree






 "Mama" and children. L=R: Eileen Dupree, Oresa Dupree, Kenrad Chastain, Mary Effie Chastain, Pat Chastain, L. C. Chastain, Billy Chastain.



 "Mammaw" and grandchildren. L-R: seated: Phyllis Nail, Chip Chastain, Pam Sieber, Mary Effie Chastain, Karyl Beal. Seated middle: Julie Chastain, Linda Jo Dingman, Elaine Williams.. Standing L-R: Pat Chastain, Donna Long, Camille Zellner, Mickey Dupree, Gwen McQuigg.



 "Mammaw" with her great grandchildren, plus some.