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Luther Cleveland Chastain

        m. 4 July 1915

        Boston, georgia

       Mary Effie Harrell



A1. Sara Eileen Chastain, b. 2 January 1917

A2. Billy Woodrow Chastain, b. 16 December 1918

A3. L.C. Chastain, Jr.  b. 10 March 1921

A4. Alma Oresa Chastain  b. 19 March 1923

A5. Patrick Marvin Chastain  b. 24 May 1924

A6. Teddy Marconi Chastain  b. 27 December 1927

A7. Kenrad Chastain b. 29 November 1933





The L. C. Chastain Family

Front, l - 7. Pat Chastain, Eileen Dupree holding Mickey Dupree, Kenrad Chastain, Billy Chastain, Jr. Beth Chastain

Back l - r, Oresa Chastain, Bob Dupree, Mary Effie Chastain, L. C. Chastain, Sr., Billy Chastain, Sr. (The only living child missing from the picture was L. C. Chastain, Jr.)





The old 202 Reid Street House in Thomasville before it burned down. On the porch is Oresa Chastain in white, with two friends.


                                                                                    Oresa Chastain

Front, L-R Oresa Chastain, Teddy Chastain, L. B. Dupree, Jr. Pat Chastain.

Back, L-R, Billy Chastain, Eileen Chastain, L. C. Chastain, Jr.





                      Pat Chastain                     Kenrad Chastain

                      Eileen Chastain               Teddy Chastain






                                                                                                                           Mary Effie Chastain with four of her children: Billy (standing), Oresa (baby being held, three weeks old), Eileen standing, and L. C. Jr. (Sitting)







                                                                                                                           This is the house in Boston where THE WEDDING took place,    4 July 1915. Mary Effie Harrell married Luther Cleveland Chastain. They lived here their first two months of marriage.

This is the house in Boston, Georgia where Mrs. and Mrs. L. C. Chastain first set up housekeeping on their own. They lived here until 1916.


This is the present 202 Reid Street house in Thomasville (on the corner of Reid and Cecil.) It is the house that Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Chastain and family lived in after the original house burned down in the early 1920's.