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A2. BILLY WOODROW CHASTAIN, bl 16 December 1918 in Thomasville, Georgia. Baptized at First Baptist Church in
Thomasville on 1 May 1949.
Billy attended schools in Thomasville and received his
high school diploma. He was in the U.S. Army for a year
and a half, mostly stationed in Japan, and was honor-
ably discharged. He then worked with Chastain Transfer
Company in Thomasville for a while, then went to Allen-
dale, South Carolina to begin work as a carpenter. He
studied blueprints and acquired a good background in
construction so became a building contractor. He was
self-employed, then went into partnership and took on
supervision of big-building construction. He also
took electrical course and received licensing as elec-
trician and as surveyor. Billy is presently a general
contractor, licensed by the state of Florida to build
any kind of building. He has taught Sunday school.

m. Beth Camille Redfern in Tallahassee, Florida on 7
June 1936. Beth was born 8 October 1918 in Pavo,
Georgia to Cecil Huntley Redfern and Myrtice Dyles.
She attended schools in Thomasville.

Beth and Billy Chastain



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A2. Billy Woodrow Chastain, Sr. died on July 12, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Beth Redfern Chastain died on May 26, 2001 in Jacksonville, Florida.





A2. Billy Woodrow Chastain

Beth Camille Redfern

B1. Billy Woodrow Chastain, Jr.

B2. Camille Chastain

m. Harold Dean Zellner

C1. Harold Dean Zellner, Jr.

C2. Scott Thomas Zellner

C3. David Michael Zellner

B3. Donna Kay Chastain

m. Wayne Long

C1. Tracy Celeste Long

C2. Kenneth Kelly Long

B4. Luther Cleveland Chastain

B5. John Huntley Chastain




Billy Chastain, Jr, and Camille Chastain       Donna Chastain


John Chastain                                       Bill Chastain, Jr.





B1. BILLY WOODROW CHASTAIN, JR. b. 20 June 2938 in
Thomasville, Georgia. He attended schools in
Thomasville and in Jacksonville, Florida where
he graduated from Robert E. Lee High School, then
spent three years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He
has worked in the clothing business, was associate
buyer for a department store, a stockbroker, and
a television producer.
Bill was baptized at First Baptist Church in Thomas-
ville on 1 May 1949.

B2. THELMA CAMILLE CHASTAIN, b. 7 June 1939 in Thomas-
ville, Georgia at her grandmother Chastainís house.
Camille was baptized at First Baptist Church in
Thomasville on 1 May 1949, and is now a member of Southside Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.
She attended school in Thomasville and graduated
from Lee High School in Jacksonville in June 1957.
She graduated from Florida Junior College in 1958,
Magna Cum Laude, with an Associate of Science degree.
As a registered nurse, Camille worked at St. Vincentís Hospital in Jacksonville and is now employed as an
OB/GYN nurse with Dr. H. C. Duckett.
Her favorite books are the Bible, Best Loved Poems
of the American People, Poems that Touch the Heart,
and The Heart Listens. Favorite authors are Helen
Van Dyke, Rudyard Kipling and Dorothy Eden. She
feels that without love, life is not worthwhile.
ďIf we can lighten the burden of someone each day, .
. . then our lives will not be lived in vain. Caring,
loving, sharing families give us strength. . . .
to be better Christians.Ē
Her favorite person is her brother Billy.
M. Harold Dean Zellner on 19 June 1959 at Murray
Hill Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

C1. HAROLD DEAN ZELLNER, JR. b. 8 December 1960
at Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

C2. SCOTT THOMAS ZELLNER, b. 16 January 1962 in Jacksonville, Florida. Died 18 January 1962.

C3. DAVID MICHAEL ZELLNER, b. 23 June 1963 at Bap-
tist Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

B3. LUTHER CLEVELAND CHASTAIN, b. 12 January 1941. Died 28 December 1942 of pneumonia. Buried at Laurel
Hill Cemetery in Thomasville (MG).

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B2. Thelma Camille Chastain Zellner (Sister) died on January 14, 2007 from leukemia.

C3. David Michael Zellner married Laura Cynthia Jones on February 6, 1988.  Children are:

     D1. Megan Elizabeth Zellner, born March 1, 1990  

     D2. Jacob Woodrow Zellner born May 12, 1992.





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B4. DONNA KAY CHASTAIN, b. 11 August 1945 in Thomasville, Georgia. Baptized at First Baptist Church in Thomas-
ville April 1957. She graduated from Robert E. Lee
High School in Jacksonville, Florida in June 1963 as
an honor graduate. In 1972 she became a teacherís
aid in Live Oak, Florida and was for seven years. She
is now Registrar at Suwannee High School. Donna has
taught Sunday School for six years, now teaching seniors
at First Baptist Church in Live Oak. She taught Acteens
for 11 years, was Acteen director for two years, has
taught Bible school for 15 years, and is on the Nomina-
ting committee at church. She served on PTA board for
four years and was in Junior Womenís Club.
Donna sews, knits, crochets, cooks, and gardens, also
plays tennis. Favorite authors are Catherine Marshall,
Taylor Caldwell and Corrie Ten Boom.

m. Kenneth Wayne Long on 14 December 1963 at First Bap-
tist Church in Live Oak, Florida. Wayne was born 13
September 1938 in Live Oak, Florida to Ovie Bell and
Kenneth Albert Long. He was baptized May 1948 in a
Baptist Church. He has owned and run an air condi-
tioner-refrigerator business in Live Oak since their
marriage. He built their home himself, plants a
garden and tends it, is serving his second term as
county commissioner, and loves fishing and hunting.

C1. TRACI CELESTE LONG, b. 18 February 1966. Baptized May 1972. Participates in Church choir, Girls in
Action, babysits, plays piano, enjoys tennis and gymnastics.

C2. KENNETH KELLY LONG, b. 1 March 1968. Baptized June 1974. Plays piano, is in gifted program at school,
enjoys bird hunting, fishing, swimming and working
on the farm.

B5. JOHN HUNTLEY CHASTAIN, b. 18 December 1959.


Donna Long                   Traci Long                     Kelly Long



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C3. Kenneth Kelly Long married Susan Atkins on 27 September 2000.

     D1. Morgan Kelly Long born 27 September 2000

     D2. Kenneth Tyler Long born 11 August 2000.




Camille and Harold Zellner


Dean Zellner                            Donna and Wayne Long on their

                                                    wedding day. Billy Chastain to

                                                     the left.