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Teddy Marconi Chastain






Born 27 December 1927 in Thomasville, Georgia.
Died on 3 December 1932 in Thomasville.
Buried at Laurel Hill Cemetary, Street 7, Thomasville, Georgia (MG).

Teddy was a very good baby; smart, bright, learned to do things early on. He was always friendly to everyone, especially to policemen, and had several around town that would see him where his parents worked and call him their “buddy.”

Teddy was so interested in the bicycle business, and listened so carefully to all he heard his parents say, that when customers came in, he would often take over as a little salesman before they had a chance, explaining to customers about the differences in bicycles, and suggesting how they should invest their money to get the best bike.

He loved to be his daddy’s helper on the trucks. Teddy always shared what he had with friends, especially with his brother Pat. Pat was his favorite brother. Every day, he could hardly wait for Pat to come home from school so he could walk down to the corner to wait for him and tell him about the days events.

Being so young, he had trouble saying his middle name Marconi, so finally decided that his name was “Teddy MyMonkey Chastain.”

His father had taught him to say several little rhymes. After he was run over accidentally by his father’s truck, the little rhymes seemed awfully important to him as he lay dying as it is reported that he said one special rhyme over and over.





Teddy Chastain with L. B. Chastain, Jr., Oresa Chastain and Pat Chastain









50Year Old Son of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Chastain Victim of Tragic Accident


Thursday Afternoon. – Died At Hospital Several Hours Later. – Funeral Saturday.

A tragic accident which brings sorrow to the hearts of the bereaved parents and hundreds of friends, was that which occurred last night about dark, when Teddy, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Chastain, was fatally crushed under the wheels of a big truck driven by his father, in the yard of their home, corner Cecil and Reid Streets.

According to a statement by Mr. Chastain this morning, he was attempting to connect one of his large trucks to a big moving van. At the time, some of his children were playing about in the yard. It was during his efforts to maneuver his truck into position for connection with the van that some of the children attempted to jump on the running board of the truck, after they had been told to return to their play. However, as he moved the truck forward just a little, the little fellow, unknown to his father, attempted to get on the running board and fell underneath the back wheels, which were connected to the front part of the truck by a coupling, no load resting on the rear wheels.

One of the wheels run across the chest and breast of the little boy and in a instant, realizing what had occurred, Mr. Chastain stopped the truck and picked up his little son. A doctor XXXXX XXXXX immediately. The child was then removed to the hospital and lingered until 3:40 o’clock this morning, when the end came quietly and peacefully. The accident occurred about 7 o’clock, just as it was getting dark and though fatally injured the little fellow remained conscious throughout the night, giving hope to his anxious parents that his injuries might not prove as serious as at first thought and tha the would be spared to them. But this hope soon was dashed against the reality that his little body was too badly crushed to survive, and his soul slipped quietly back to the Master, who but a few short years ago had given it life, and brought so much cheer and happiness to his parents, who together with two sisters, Ilene and Oresa, and three brothers, Billy L. C. Jr., and Patrick, survive, in addition to a wide family connection, which includes many close relatives. The little man was born December 27th, 1927 and, would have been five years old in a few days.

Funeral services have been arranged for tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock at the residence, Rev. T. F. Callaway, assisted by Rev. Bruce Hall officiating. Immediately after the service at the home, the body will be carried to Laurel Hill cemetery for interment.

The death of this little child has cast a pall of sorrow over the community, especially the immediate neighborhood where he had spent his short span of life, and where his bright, cheery face will be missed so much by those little playmates and older folk who were so attached to him because of his many fine qualities of childhood.

He was a beautiful and lovable child and centered the attentions of his most affectionate parents who have been bowed in grief by his untimely death, but they are reminded that while their burden of grief seems impossible to bear, yet their loved one does not suffer but is forever more held in the comforting arms of the Heavenly Father, who makes it possible to bear the burdens of sorrow when they come.

Teddy is but asleep now and the lives in that home where there is no pain, no suffering, no night.