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After the previous pages were prepared, based mainly on a book by James Garvin Chastain, A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE HUGUENOT AND THREE FAMILY TREES: CHASTAIN, STOCKTON and LOCKRIDGE, the author received a short pamphlet from the Pierre Chastain Family Association which had information about the Pierre Chastain that was different from what had been found elsewhere. In due time, perhaps, a supplement for this edition can be prepared that will correlate the two sources, or at least clarify inconsistencies. For now, the pamphlet from the Association will be included, along with the address for those who night desire membership.


The membership of the Pierre Chastain Family Association consists of, but is not limited to descendents of Dr. Chastain. Everyone is welcome to join the Association and we do have several members that have Chastain collateral lines. The aim of the Association is to preserve the records about, and information pertaining to the Chastain family.

Dr. Pierre Chastain was a surgeon/barber who lived in the province of Berri in France. Persecuted for his religious beliefs as a Huguenot, he and his family moved to Switzerland, circa 1697 – 1698 and several years later they moved to England, and finally to America.

He is listed by name with a wife and five children as passengers on board the Mary and Ann, when the ship docked on the mouth of the James River in Virginia on 23 July 1700.

During the first year in this country, Dr. Chastain lost his wife and three of their children. He subsequently married Anne Soblet and they had seven more children. After her death, he married a third time, but he had no more children.

It is believed by some researchers that all Chastains in this country are descended from Dr. Chastain. Other researchers do not agree.

The most documented material about Dr. Pierre Chastain, the immigrant, was written by Cameron Allen, a noted Huguenot researcher, and was published in three articles in Volumes 39 and 40, 1963 – 964, in THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST.  The articles entitled, “The Chastain Families of Manikintown in Virginia,” cover the first four generations of Chastains in this country.

Several fine books have been written about the Chastains, including KITH AND KIN OF GEORGIA RIDGE, by Avilla Farnsworth (now Milligan) and LITTLE OTTER TO LOST RIVER by Claude Eugene (Gene) Cook.

The Pierre Chastain Family Association is considered the last book for publication since it was originally printed in only three copies.


The Chestnut Tree is the quarterly of the Pierre Chastain Family Association and is published January, April, July and October.

The editor, Mrs. Loyce Coolidge, not only publishes research material for those members who are researching their own family, but she tries to bring the members closer together by printing informative materials about members (births, deaths, marriages, vocational data, background, etc.)

The editor welcomes any material for publication pertaining to the Chastains and urges all members to send a non-returnable snapshot and a background sketch for inclusion in the “Getting to Know You” section of The Chestnut Tree.”

If you are interested in joining the Pierre Chastain Family Association, please send he form to our secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Joe A. Bulard, 1100 East Teresa, Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066. Membership dues are now $7.00 per year.




Other Notable Chastains

“Mother Superior,” Phillipe Chastaignier, was abbess of a nunnery in Poitou, France and in 1549 entered into correspondence with John Calvin, then in Switzerland, with the purpose of abandoning the cloister and embracing the evangelical faith. Then she and eight of her nuns soon did, leaving only one behind in the convent.

Pierre (Peter) Chastain (son of Rene, grandson of Peter, the Emigrant) emigrated to South Carolina, and enlisted as a private in line during the Revolutionary War (1776 – 1783), and belonged to Captain Leroy Hammond’s troups in S. C. He died in South Carolina. He married either Sarah Foster or Porter, and had at least one son John and a daughter Beersheba.

John Chastain, born 26 September 1721 was also in the Revolutionary War, died between 1804 and 1807. He was a PS from Virginia during the war, and married Elizabeth Logwood.

Rev. Rene Chastain, b. 28 June 1741, was he preacher so famous in Virginia Baptist History. He was he brother of the above mentioned Peter the soldier, grandson of Peter the Emigrant. At the time, colonists had very few schools, so Rene Chastain entered the ministry without education. But he had an incisive mind, and dedicated himself to the Bible. He lived a long and userful life and was held in high esteem for soundness, simplicity and piety He was born in Powhatan County, VA, but spent most of his ministerial life in Buckingham County. He helped organize many small Baptist churches. Like so many other pioneer preachers, he also spent a considerable part of his time between the plow handles in order to support his family. He married Miss Isham, and now has descendents scattered from New York all the way down to Florida.

Rev. John Chastain, the “Ten Shillingbell,” grandson of Peter the Emigrant, was born in Virginia in 1740 and married Mary O’Brien in 1764. He was a Baptist preacher for some years in Buckingham County, VA, but because of religious persecution, eventually moved with his family to South Carolina and settled near Greenville. Here, he reared a large family and spent the rest of his life as a faithful pioneer preacher. He died in 1806 and was buried west of Greenville, S. C.




Capt. Benjamin Chastain (780 – 1845), son of Rev. John Chastain, left South Carolina as a young man and came to North Georgia and settled at Blue Ridge; married in 1799 to Rebecca Denton from Franklin County, Georgia. He served in the state Legislature from Habersham County and all his sons were also representatives:

     John Bunyan Chastain from Union County, Georgia
     Jonathan Davis Chastain from Gilmer County, Georgia
     Jerimiah Chastain, from Lumpkin County, Georgia
     Benjamin Chastain, Jr. from Fannin County
     Elijah Webb Chastain a state senator

John and Elijah were attorneys. Jonathan a Preacher. Several were officers in the Florida war: John, a captain, Ben an Adjutant Major, Elijah a colonel in Gen. Nelson’s Brigade.

Elijah spent many years in the Georgia Legislature, then went for four years in the U. S. Congress.  Elijah was a perfect blonde with flushing blue eyes. He had a most magnetic personality and soldierly bearing. His aggressive nature drew him into the limelight and his magnetism kept him there. He was born in Pickens County, S. C. in 1813, married Clarissa Braselton of Franklin County in June 1937. He was traveling alone on horseback late in he afternoon on 9 April 1974, attempted to ford a swollen stream, was drowned, and drifted below Dalton, Georgia before being discovered. 

Rev. Benton Chastain, born in Georgia in 1840 was an attorney as well as a Baptist preacher.

Edward Chastain, called “The Patriarch,” was son of Rev. John Chastain, born in S. C. March 1796. Married Hannah Brown and fathered at least 16 children.

Rainey Chastain, born near Greenville, S. S. on 28 September 1793. Married Mary Nicholson, moved to North Georgia. Had eight children.

Edward Jordan Chastain, born 1820 in N. C. and moved to Georgia in 1821. Showed an early thirst for education. Taught school and had ten children.

James Garvin Chastain, son of the above Edward Jordan Chastain, was born in 1853 in Texas and became a Baptist missionary to Mexico with his wife. Wrote many books, one of which provided much of the information for this family background.

Troy G. Chastain, civic leader, public official, humanitarian, Fulton County Commissioner who made friends, valued our youth, and for whom Chastain Park in Atlanta is named. He died around 1960.                                         



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Updated Information:

Troy Green Chastain. Born 07 October 1883 in Georgia. Son of Whitten T. Chastain and Kate Winn

Whitten T. Chastain. Born 19 February 1858 in Kennesaw, Cobb County, Georgia.
Married to Kate Winn on 17 Janaury 1880 in Georgia. Died on 19 May 1922. (Kate Winn born on 29 July 1859 in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia. Died on 23 May 1912.)




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