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A6. Luther Cleveland Chastain (LC), b. 21 October 1884 in Thomas County, Georgia. Died 24 December 1940 of a heart attack. Buried at Lauren Hill Cemetery.
m. Mary Effie Harrell on 4 July 1915 in Boston, Georgia.

B1. Sara Eileen Chastain, b. 2 January 1917.
B2. Billy Woodrow Chastain, b. 16 December 1918.
B3. Luther Cleveland Chastain, b. 10 March 1921.
B4. Alma Oresa Chastain, b. 19 March 1923.
B5. Patrick Marvin Chastain, b. 24 March 1925.
B6. Teddy Marconi Chastain, b. 27 December 1927.
B7. Kenrad Chastain, b. 19 November 1933.

(All elaborated on in more detail in family group #1.)

A7. John Rennie Chastain. B. April 1966 in Thomas County, Georgia. Died 29 September 1909. Killed by a train when he fell asleep on a railroad track. Buried at Old Hendry Cemetery (UMG) in Thomas County, Georgia.




A8. Peter Hubert Chastain. B. June 1988 in Thomas County, Georgia. Died 29 September 1909. Killed by a train as he had fallen asleep on a railroad track. Buried at Old Hendry Cemetery in Thomas County, Georgia (UMG).

A9. Leonard Chastain, b. March 1890 in Thomas County, Georgia. Died 30 June 1890. Smothered accidentally in bed.

A10. Kate Ethel Mae Chastain, b. 26 May 1891 in Thomas County, Georgia. Living in Gainesville, Georgia.
m. James William Cooley, brother of William A. Cooley who married Bessie Chastain (A5.)

B1. Earnest Leon Cooley, b. 19 February 1919.
m. Ruth on 6 January 1943.

C1. Jan Cooley (male)
C2. Don Cooley
C3. Tanya Cooley

B2. Donee Geth Cooley, b. 2 August 1982 in Shelbyville, Tennessee
m. Sarah Louise Hulsey, 10 October 1943 at Walhalla, South Carolina. Sarah was born 26 December 1922 in Hall County, Georgia.

C1. Counte Leon Cooley, b. 11 April 1945 in Woodbury County, Sioux City, Iowa.
m. Shirley Ann Hurst on 10 September 1966 at Decatur, Georgia. Shirley was born 6 November 1947 in Atlanta, Georgia.

D1. Cory William Cooley, b. 6 February 1968 in Gainesville, Georgia.
D2. Christopher Todd Cooley, b. 12 March 1970 in Gainesville, Georgia.
D3. Dallas Carter Cooley, b. 18 June 1977 in Gainesville, Georgia.

C2. Conrad David Cooley, b. 21 July 1948 in Gainesville, Georgia.
m. Catherine Rebecca Thompson on 23 August 1974 in Walhalla, South Carolina.

Kate Cooley


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A10. Kate Cooley died in Gainesville, Georgia on 25 January 1990.

B1. Ernest Leon Cooley died in Gainesville, Georgia on November 1874. His birth date is listed in records of the Church of Latter Day Saints as being 2 February 1901.

D4. Conrad Cooley died in January 1948 in Gainesville, Georgia.



D1. David Thompson Cooley, b. 29 November 1978 in Gainesville, Georgia. A twin.
D2. Robert Thompson Cooley, b. 29 November 1978 in Gainesville, Georgia. A twin.

C3. Colleen Kate Cooley. B. 14 October 1951 in Gainesville, Georgia.
m. Dennis Wayne Neal on 18 October 1969 at Walhalla, South Carolina. He was born on 16 January 1948.

D1. Sonny Jason Neal, b. 16 January 1970 in Gainesville, Georgia.
D2. Dustin Cooley Neal, b. 6 December 1972 in Gainesville, Georgia.

B3. Sybil Agatha Cooley, b. 9 May 1923. Died 28 December 1925.

B4. Daughter, stillborn. Date ?

A11. Carrie Bell Chastain, b. 20 March 1892 in Thomas County, Georgia. M. Monty Christo Wilson on 8 September 1917. He was born 1894 and died 1932.

B. Norris Glenn Wilson, b. 9 February 1918 in Pelham, Georgia.
m. Maude Edna Pope, “Jo”, in LaFayette, Georgia in 1938. JO was born 6 May 1918 in Villanon, Georgia. They live in Jackson, Georgia.

C1. Glenda Marlene Wilson, b. 7 December 1938 in LaFayette, Georgia. M. Earl Pledger 8 September 1962 in Georgia. Live in Jonesboro, GA.
D1. Paige Eloise Pledger, b. 24 April 1967 in LaFayette, Georgia.
D2. Edwin Scott Pledger, b. 24 April 1967 in LaFayette, Georgia.

C2. Don DeWayne Wilson, b. 1 April 1940 in LaFayette, Georgia. M. Brooke Aormeyer. Live in Woodridge, Virginia.
D1. Dewayne Kevin Wilson, b. 7 January 1966 in Puerto Rico
D2. Bronwyn Beth Wilson, b. 28 December 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland.

C3. Tedd Randall Wilson, b. 17 September 1941 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. M. Jacqualine Gorsney on 17 March 1971. Live in Miami, Florida.
D1. Jodie Rene Wilson, b. 28 February 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia.


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B1. Norris Wilson died 19 July  1994 in Cherokee County, Alabama.




C4. Monty Norris Wilson, b. 20 July 1947 in LaFayette, Georgia. Died in Viet Nam on 1 August 1967. Was awarded two silver stars and two purples hearts.

M2. John Melvin Burrow on 23 September 1922 in Bedford County, Tennessee.

B2. John Melvin Burrow, Jr. b. 22 June 1923 in Shelbyville, Tennessee. M. Madelyn Deane 6 May 1952. Lives in LaFayette, Georgia. No Children.

B3. Vivian Bell Burrow, b. 22 February 1925 in LaFayette, Georgia. M. Craig Stancell in 1972. Died 7 February 1974.

B4. Billy Gene Burrow, b. 2 December 1931. m. Sandra Marie Ramsey who was born 24 January 1940.

C1. Mark Steven burrow, b. 3 June 1959
C2. William Kevin burrow, b. 18 August 1960.
C3. Jeffrey Allen Burrow, 29 December 1961.
C4. John Christopher Burrow 25 July 1963.

A12. Minnie Chastain, b. 1894 in Thomas County, Georgia. Died 22 June 1915. Buried at Old Hendry cemetery (UM) in Thomas County, GA. Had severe headaches so was told by the doctor to whiff chloroform to relieve pain. One day, she accidentally whiffed too much and died. M. Wesley Haire. B1. Jesse Lamar Haire, b. 1915. Lived three months. B2. Male. Lived in Pelham, Georgia.

Jo and Norris Wilson                  Sarah and Don Cooley

                                                     Baby Colleen, Count and Conrad




Page 107 Update (Info provided by Jeff Burrow on Nov 21, 2007.

B4. Billy Gene Burrow. Died 30 June 2005 in Dalton, Georgia at the Hamilton Memorial Hospital due to deterioration of his heart after a massive stroke in 1996. Married Sandra Marie Ramsey on 07 September 1958 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

C3. Jeff Burrow. Married Connie Elizabeth Berry on 18 September 1993 in Dalton, Georgia.
      D1. Natalie Elizabeth Burrow. Born 15 November 2000 in Kennesaw, Georgia.

C4. John Christopher (Chip) Burrow. Died 11/19/07 in Tunnel Hill, Georgia. No children.



Bessie Chastain

Minnie Chastain


Sarah Webb Aldredge Chastain surrounded by her daughter,
Ellet Chastain Robison, Ellet's husband, Joe Robison, and their children, Lavern, Leeroy, Blonnie, Marguerite and J. R.      

Carrie Chastain, seated. Friend standing.





Standing. L-R: Minnie Chastain, Carrie Chastain, Kate Chastain, Bessie Chastain, Ellet Chastain. Seated L-R: L.C. Chastain, Tilden Chastain, Sarah Chastain (mother), Jesse Chastain