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3C. GEORGE SOLOMON CHASTAIN. B. c. 1821 in S. C. or Ga. Died 30 March 1895 in Georgia. Buried in Thomas County, Georgia. He was a Baptist, and a farmer.

M1. SARAH ANN HORTON, probably around 1840. Sarah was born 1821 * in N.C. or Ga. She died 20 November 1881 in Georgia, probably Thomas County.

M2. Elizabeth Gray. 29 January 1882 in Thomas County, Georgia.
Elizabeth died 5 March 1895.

* According to Thomas County Census Records, Solomon Chastain was born in 1820, 1821, or 1825; Sarah, his wife, was born 1821, 1824, or 1835. The author chose arbitrarily to use the date designated on the 1850 census as, chances are, that while younger, Solomon and Sarah might have had more accurate memory and count of their age.

 A wall plaque owned by Mrs. Leon Taylor in Thomasville was given to Mattie Chastain Carter by her husband in memory of her parents. According to it, when Solomon Chastain died in 1895, he claimed to be 83 years old, putting his birth year at 182; and Sarah died in 1881, claiming to be 63, putting her birth year at 1818.


4C. Living right next door to Solomon and Sarah Chastain in 1850 in Thomas County were Rainey and Martha Chastain. On that Census, Solomon claimed to have been born in S. C. Rainey Chastain was also listed as having been born in S. C. and his wife Martha in N. C. Rainey and Martha were both born in 1792 and had two sons living with them at the time: Joseph b. Chastain, b. 1825 in Georgia, and Rainey Chastain, Jr. b. 1834 in Georgia. On the 1870 census, Martha is listed, living in the same household with Rainey Chastain, Jr. and his wife.

On 5 June 1854, Solomon Chastain applied for letters of administration of estate of Rainey Chastain.

On 7 August 1854, Solomon Chastain applied for guardians bond for property for Rainey Chastain.
On 29 January 1856, Solomon Chastain applied for dismissal of administration of estate of Rainey Chastain.

Those three applications may be found in the office of the Probate Judge in the Thomas County Courthouse in Thomasville.

There is no proof that this Rainey Chastain (Sr.) is the father of George Solomon Chastain, however, the author is reasonably certain that that was their relationship.



Descendents of George Solomon Chastain and Sara Ann Horton Chastain

A1. Elizabeth (Betsy, Betty) Chastain, b. 1843 in Georgia. Buried at Old
Hendry Cemetery in Thomas County, Georgia. (MG)

     B1. Annie Chastain. B. 1871 in Georgia. M. Mr. Carter

          C1. Lamar Carter, has a son Wallace Carter
          C2. Tom Carter C3. Smith Carter. C4. Sol Carter
          C5. Betty Carter , m. Mr. Benton

     B2. Lilla Chastain, b. 1867 in Georgia. M. Melton Ragans on 5 March
           1884 in Thomas County, Georgia.

          C1. Minnie Lee Ragans, m. Mr. Hurst, has four children.
          C2. Bertie Ragans, m. Mr. Dixon. D1. Mildred Dixon

     m. J. E. Wyrick on 26 July 1899 in Thomas County, Georgia.

A2. Mariah Chastain, b. 1845 in Georgia

A3. Thomas W. Chastain, b. 5 September 1846 in Thomas County, Georgia. D. 19 January 1930. Buried at Old Hendry Cemetery (MG).

     M1. Eliza Jane Ragans on 18 December 1876 in Thomas County, Georgia. She was b. 12 July 1948; d. 3 May 1890. Buried at Old Hendry Cemetery.

    M2. Mary Jane Davis on 9 January 1895 in Thomas County, Georgia. She was b. 11 August     1848; d. 15 July 1928. No children.

Children of Eliza and Thomas Chastain

     B1. Lula Chastain, b. 23 August 1869 in Thomas County, Georgia. D. 24 August 1950. m. Merriann Wertz on 23 December 1890 in Thomas County, Georgia.

C1. Ollie Mae Wertz, b. 28 December 1891; d. 13 June 1893.

C2. Marie Wertz. Teacher in Thomasville for 50+ years. Unmarried when died. No children.

C3. Barbara Wertz. M. Mr. Cherry. C1. Bruce Cherry





C4. Thomas N. Wertz D1. Phillip Wertz.

     B2. Netta Chastain, b. 10 September 1870 m. John Chastain on 26 January 1897.

C1. Anita Chastain, m. Mr. Shiver
     D1. Francis Shiver. M. Mr. Bight

C2. Mary Chastasin, m. Dozier Hasty
    D1. Doris Hasty D2. John Hasty D3 Ann Hasty

C3. Minnie Lou Chastain, m. Gordon Hasty
     D1. Sarah Hasty, m. Pratt Secrest
     D2. Carol Hasty, m. Mr. Singletary
     D3. Rebekah Hasty

C4. Rose Chastsain, m. Dr. Huddie Lee Cheney
     D1. Huddie Lee Cheney, Jr.
          E1. Huddie Lee Cheney III, Steven Cheney, Julie Cheney
     D2. Betty Cheney

C5. Grace Chastain, m. L. B. Harvard. Four children.
     D1. Ruth Harvard. D2. Bryan Harvard. D3. Jo Harvard

B3. Minnie A. Chastain, b. 26 January 1872; d. 12 October 1899. m. Lee Adams. No children.

B4. John Andrew Chastain. B. 19 august 1875 in Thomas County, Georgia. D. 22 February 1967.

     M1. Malita Lucreceia Collier on 25 January 1895. she was born 29 March 1882; d. 6 September 1900.

 C1. Bryan E. Chastain. B. 31 October 1899; d. 6 August 1901.

M2. Margaret Henrietta Nesbit on 19 February 1903 in Brooks County, Georgia. She was b. 4 August 1882 and died 10 October 1954.

C2. Malita Chastain. B. 8 August 1905. m. Eugene Mallard D1. Eugene Mallard, has a daughter.


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B2. Netta Frances Chastain. Born in Ochlocknee, Georgia to Thomas and Eliza Ann Regan.

C4. Rose Neal Chastain. born 6 August 1903 in Thomasville, Georgia. Married Huddie Lee Cheney on 25 June 1924 in Thomasville, Georgia.

(Source: Records from Church of Latter Day Saints)




C2. Emma Josephine Chastain. B. 23 December 1911 in Thomas County, Georgia. M. William Christopher Duren in March 1938.

     D1. William Malcom Duren, b. 24 December 1934 in Thomas County, Georgia. M. Normal     Jean Heald

          E1. Melanie Sue Duren, b. 11 March 1957
          M. Victor Earl Hicks (B. 9 February 1952)
                    F1. Tara Yvonne Hicks, b. 11 November 1977

          E2. Michael Levis Duren, b. 1 June 1958
          E3. Miriam Duren, b. 6 December 1963.

     D2. Christopher Shannon Duren. B. 25 July 1939 in Thomas County, Georgia. M1. Reeva Ann Brown

          E1. Kim Duren (Hackney), b. 6 April 1961
          E2. Chris Duren (Hackney) b. 5 December 1963
     M2. Robbie Nixon
          E3. Rhonda Duren b. 31 March 1971
          E4. Craig Shannon Duren, b. 28 January 1973

C3. Janey Simpson Chastain, b. 4 July 1913 in Thomas County, Georgia. M. Flloyd Pierce Butler on 26 January 941. d. November 1946.

     D1. Sarah Jane Butler, b. 4 January 1942. m1. Leone Jones
          E1. Pierce Jones, b. 14 August 1962
          E2. Tommy Patrick Jones, b. 8 October 19
     M2. Wayne Cannon

C4. Eliza Green Chastain, b. 12 December 1918 in Thomas County, Georgia. D. 18 December 1918. Bur. At Fredonia Cemetery in Thomas County, Georgia.

C5. Hansel Patrick Chastain, b. 15 December 1819 in Thomas County, Georgia. M1. Frances Elizabeth Stewart 17 May 1842. Divorced. M2. J. Thorpe (B. 4 October 1920).



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C5. Hansel Patrick Chastain died February 1986 in Thomasville, Georgia.

(Source: Records from Church of Latter Day Saints)





     D1. Douglas Chastain, b. 10 October 1947 in Thomasville. M. Tracy Cumbess (b. 14 September 1946)

          E1. Bryant Chastain, b. 12 January 1970.
          E2. Pat Douglas Chastain, b. 25 April 1968
          E3. Michael Chastain, b. 21 January 1976

     D2. Harriet Chastain, b. 2 May 1949 in Thomasville, Georgia. M. Jerry Pyle (B. 20 December in Cairo, Georgia).

          E1. Dana Pyle, b. 18 April 1974
          E1. Derek Pyle, b. 8 July 1970

     D3. Marty Neel Chastain, 15 March 1953

     M1. Susie Rutherford
          E1. Adrian Chastain, b 21 June 1972
     M2. Debra Anderson

     D4. Kathy Chastain,
          E1. Tina, b. 24 July 1976

C6. Nellie Chastain, a twin. B. 4 August 1921 in Thomas County, Georgia. M. Joseph Rawls in Cairo, Georgia on 7 February 1943.

     D1. Joseph Harry Rawls, b. 26 January 1946

     D2. Harriet Louise Rawls, b. 20 April 1945. d. 1 May 1945.

C7. Betty Chastain, a twin. B. 4 August 1921 in Thomas County, Georgia. D. 9 October1974.
M. Winston L. Stewart 6 October 1942.

     D1. Kenneth Eugene Stewart, b. 16 September 1946. m. Charleen Brown (b. 17 November 1972)

          E1. Kevin Martin Stewart, b. 30 April 1974
          E2. Kimberly Dawn Stewart, b. 6 May 1977




C3. Joseph Thomas Chastain (J.T.), b. 19 November 1919; m. Olean Taylor 16 April 1933.

     D1. Margaret Amerintha Chastain, m1. Bill Tanner
M2. Ottis Tanner
          E1 Taye Tanner, m. Mr. Pittman

     D2. Daughter

B5. Simpson Martin Chastain, b. 4 July 1877 in Thomas County, Georgia; d. December 1941. Bur. Fredonia Baptist Church Cemetery in Thomas County, Georgia.

m. Hattie Johnson White on 28 October 1908. She was born 4 February 1886, d. 27 May 1960.

     C1. Blanche Chastain, B 22 December 1909 in Thomas County, Georgia. M. Thomas Evans Duren on 19 August 1934.

          D1. Lillie Frances Duren, b. 15 October 195.
          m. A. L. Hudson
               E1. Terrie Lee Hudson, b. 15 October 1941.

     D2. James Reneau Duren, b. 20 October 1927
     m. Ann Hughes

     D3. Richard Simpson Duren, b. 6 July 1937 in Thomas County, Georgia. M. Jane Chastain.

          E1. Gina Duren, b. 8 October 1962.
          E2. Richie Duren, b. 11 December 1967

     D4. Thomas Nathaniel Duren, b. 16 May 1940 in Thomas County, Georgia. M. Paula Bishop.

          E1. Tracy Nathaniel Duren, b. 20 October 1960 in Cairo, Georgia
          E2. Teresa Delann Duren, b. 1 September 1961 in Cairo, Georgia.
          E3. Travis Spencer Duren, b. 9 November 1963 in Cairo, Georgia



     D2. Gail Janet Stewart, b. 9 November 1948.
     m. William Shelton Booth, b. 26 September 1947.

          E1. Scotty Booth b. 31 October
          E2. Jessica Shea Booth, b. 14 March
          E3. Jennifer shana Booth, b. 3 November

     D3. Mary Ana Stewart, m. Garry Russell (b. 18 Aug. 1937)
          E1. Velvet Malisa Russell, b. October 1978

B 6. Thomas Solomon Chastain (Tommy), b. 6 October 1878. d. 12 April 1906 in Thomasville. Bur. At Old Hendry Cemetery in Thomasville, Georgia.

m. Annie Jane White (b. 25 September 1880 in Thomasville) d. 10 May 1956 in Jacksonville, Florida.

     C1. Lila Angelyn Chastain, b. 12 December 1903 in Thomas County, Georgia, d. 12 December 1967.

     C2. Lota Chastain, a twin. B. 19 July 1984. m. Henry Chambless. Lives in Eustis, Florida.

     C3. Lois Chastain, a twin. B. 18 July 1903 in Thomas County, Georgia. D. 21 April 1905.

     C4. Thomas Solomon Chastain, b. 9 March 1906 in Thomas County, Georgia. D. 24 December 1911, bur. Old Hendry Cemetery in Thomas County, Georgia.

B7. Arthur Smith Chastain, b. 31 October 1882. m. Essie Hudson

B8. Bette Roberta Chastain, b. 10 October 1884; d. 5 March 1957.

B9. Lila Lee Chastain, b. 2 October 1886; d. 21 September 1890.

A4. William Chastain (Bill), b. 1847 in Georgia. Went deaf about age 17. Most of family lives in Tampa, Florida now.
m. Zorah Maria Davis in Thomas County, Georgia 21 September 1876,. She was born in 1855 in Georgia.

     B1. Lella Chastain, b. 1878 in Georgia
     B2. Zary Chastain (female), b. 1879 in Georgia
     B3. Wayne Chastain B4. Penn Chastain B5. Hattie Chastain
     B6. Frankie Chastain B7. Marie Chastain

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B7. Arthur Smith Chastain. Born 31 October 1882 in Ochlocknee, Georgia. Died 4 May 1955 at Lake Jackson, Leon County, Florida. Buried 5 May 1955 at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Thomasville, Georgia.

D2. William Shelton Booth died 17 January 2002 in Ware County, Georgia. (Recorded by Church of Latter Day Saints.)

(Info taken from records of Church of Latter Day Saints.)




A5. Henry C. Chastain, b. 1850 in Georgia, Thomas County. Lived in Tampa, Florida with wife and eleven children.
m. Sockie G. Rushing on 15 December 1878 in Thomas County, Georgia.

     B1. Evie Chastain, b. 1879. m. Mr. Duke
     B2. Callie Chastain, b. 1877 in Georgia. Married in Thomas County, Georgia on 21 December   1894 to Antonio Soccer.
     B3. Leta Chastain, m. Mr. Diaz
     B4. Irene Chastain, B5. Janie Chastain, b. 1878 in GA.

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