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A4. ALMA ORESA CHASTAIN, born19 March 1923 in Thom-
asville, Georgia. Baptized about 1935 at First
Baptist Church in Thomasville. Oresa attended East Side
School in Thomasville and graduated from Thom-
asville High School in June 1941. While in high
school, she worked as a Western Union Operator for
several years, then received some training as an
x-ray technician at Archbold Hospital in Thomasville.
After her marriage, she worked occasionally after
her youngest child turned four, then in 1957 began
working with a linen supply company in Jacksonville,
Florida as an office manager until she retired in 1979.
For about 13 years, Resa sang in the church choir
at Allandale Baptist Church in Jacksonville, she
taught Sunday school for two years there also.
In Dunedin, Florida, she and Lee decided to build
their own home themselves, so Resa mixed mortar as
Lee made the blocks for the house.
She now lives in Ocala, Florida and donates
her services to a Christian organization, The Way Minis-
tries, Inc., as bookkeeper and office manager.
m. Lee Willis Dupree, 6 December 1941 in Tallahassee,
Florida. Lee is the son of Ida Ezora Johnson
and James Council Dupree and was born 6 December
1922 in Campbellton, Florida. He was baptized
in 1964 at Allandale Baptist Church in Jackson-
ville, Florida. He attended school in Clearwater,
Florida and received his training as a carpenter
in Aiken, South Carolina at the DuPont plant.
He owned and operated a filling station in Jack-
sonville for three years, then returned to his
carpenter’s trade and was a member of the Car-
penter’s Local Union #621 for 25 years. He is
now employed as maintenance manager for the Sea
Dip Motel in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Lee was very active at Allandale Baptist Church
in Jacksonville serving as a deacon for ten years,
president of the church brotherhood, President
of the deacon board, president of the church
building board committee, superintended the build-
ing of the church, and for a year was in charge
of the church visitation committee.



A3. Alma Oresa Chastain Dupree died at her home in Middleburg, Florida on 12 February 2010.

Lee Willis Dupree died ...

B2. Lee Patrick (Pat) Dupree died from injuries sustained in an accident while working in his yard on Jun 8, 2006, in Guntersville, Alabama.

Lee Patrick Dupree was married to Marianna, who died about six months before he died, in Alabama. There were no children from this marriage.






A3. Alma Oresa Chastain

Lee Willis Dupree

B1. Lee Patrick Dupree

m. Marianna Pace

B2. Mary Elaine Dupree

m. John Everett Williams

C1. John Everett Williams, Jr.

C2. James Lee Williams

C3. Christopher Allan Williams

B3. Pamela Eileen Dupree

m1. John Charles Bryan

C1. John Tillman Brian

C2. Charles Lee Bryan

m2. Michael Sieber

B4. Michael Wayne Dupree

m. Louanne Dilly

C1. Michael Wade Dupree




Elaine Dupree             Mike Dupree, Lee Dupree, Oresa Dupree


Pam Dupree    

Oresa Dupree holding baby Elaine Dupree, Lee Dupree and Pat Dupree standing






B1. LEE PATRICK DUPREE, born 2 December 1942 at Arch-
bold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, Georgia. Bap-
tized in 1963 at Allandale Baptist Church in Jack-
sonville, Florida. Pat attended schools in Jack-
sonville, graduating from Paxon High School. While
in high school, Pat served as President of the Stu-
dent body during his senior year. he attended Nor-
man Park Junior College, was on the school’s basket-
ball team, and won the team’s good sportsman award.
He was ordained as a Baptist minister on 24 November 1963 at Allandale Baptist Church in Jacksonville,
and had his first ministry at a church near Norman
Park, Georgia. he attended Bellmont College in
Nashville, Tennessee and received a B.A. Pat also
attended Southeastern Theological Seminary in New
Orleans, and Southwestern Theological Seminary in
Fort Worth, Texas.
Pat was minister of a church in Roanoake, Texas,
then in 1972, moved to Nashville and began a youth
center that offers Christian training for potential
Christian leaders. Pat and Marianna also operate a
youth center in Bremen, Kentucky and a recreation
area there for the same purpose. Pat is President
of the Sea Dip Motel in Daytona, Florida, which is
used as a Christian training center, and he and
Marianna have plans for opening a retirement home
for the elderly.
Pat’s motto for life is “trust in the Lord with all
your heart, and lean not on your own understanding’
in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make
your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5,6. His favorite
book is the Bible, his most admired person, Abraham
Lincoln, and he enjoys motorcycle riding.
m. Marianna Pace on 7 June 1970 at Belmont Heights
Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Marianna
is the daughter of Dorothy Evelyn and Charley
William Pace. She was born 29 September 1950 in
Nashville, Tennessee, attended schools in Nashville,
and was on the basketball team of Belmont College.
She was Baptized in 1970 in a Baptist Church.
Her motto for life is “A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for adversity.” Prov. 17:17.
She admires most Ruth Graham and enjoys bicycle




B2. MARY ELAINE DUPREE, born 7 January 1945 in
Thomasville, Georgia. She attended Biltmore
School, and Paxon Junior High School in Jack-
sonville, Florida. Even though only 15 years
old when she married, Elaine is proud of the
fact that she has been so happily married for
19 years. She and her husband John have raised
three sons together. Elaine is presently key
punch operator for a company in Jacksonville.
Her favorite books are the Bible, Lay Up Your
Treasures in Heaven (by Eleanor T. Mead) and
The Total Woman (By Marabel Morgan).
Her favorite quotation is, “Always remember
that there are other people in the world besides
yourself. Love one another.”
Elaine was baptized in a Baptist church.
m. John Everett Williams on 24 June 1960 in
Nahunta, Georgia. John is the son of Lillian
Whittaker and Raymond Albert Williams, Sr.
He was born 10 February 1943 in Savannah,
Georgia. He attended Lackawanna, John Gorrie,
and Robert E. Lee High School, all in Jack-
sonville, Florida. He has been baptized.

1961 at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jackson-
ville. He has been baptized. He graduated
from Paxon High School in Jacksonville June, 1979.

1964 at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jackson-
ville. He has been baptized.

C3. JAMES LEE WILLIAMS, born 22 March 1972 at
Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville. He has
been baptized.



Pam Sieber, John Williams, Elaine Williams




Marianna Dupree                            Pat Dupree



Chris Williams                 John Williams             Jamie Williams


Oresa Chastain





B3. PAMELA EILEEN DUPREE, born 8 May 1948 in Clear-
water, Florida. She is a Baptist. She atten-
ded schools in Jacksonville, Florida. Pam en-
joys tennis, swimming, basketball, bowling and
cooking. Her most admired person is her mother.
Her favorite quotation is, “I am not afraid
of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I
love today.” She now lives in Dallas, Texas.
m1. John Charles Bryan on 6 August 1968 in Jack-
sonville, Florida. He is the son of Sally
Mae and Otis Willard Bryan and was born 7
December 1946. He is a Baptist. He attended
schools in Jacksonville. He has remarried.
Pam and John divorced on 23 February 1973.

m2. Michael Ray Sieber on 29 November 1977 in
Jacksonville, Florida. Mike is the son of
Walter and Dollie Sieber and was born 23
February 1956 in Overton, Texas. He is a
Baptist. He attended High School and CIE
School of Electronics. Mike was in the
U.S. Navy for four years.

Children of Pam and John Bryan
C1. JOHN TILLMAN BRYAN, born 29 November 1968
in Jacksonville, Florida.

C2. CHARLES LEE BRYAN, born 9 September 1971
in Jacksonville, Florida



Pam and Mike Sieber  Charles Lee Bryan  John Tillman Bryan





B4. MICHAEL WAYNE DUPREE, born 8 August 1953 in
Jesup, Georgia. Baptized in a Baptist Church.
Mike attended schools in Jacksonville, Florida.
His goal in life is to serve the Lord Jesus
Christ and his biggest achievement is being
accepted as one of God’s children through the
blood of Jesus Christ. He believes we are
a creation of God, born into sin, and have only
judgement to look forward to, but God gave us
mercy through His love.
Mike enjoys outdoor activities such as baseball,
and basketball and was a partrolboy for two years
in school.
m. Luanne Dilly on 2 April 1972 in Orlando,
Florida. Luanne is the daughter of Ethel
Marion Durr and Keith Early Dilly and was
born on 23 November 1953 in Garden City,
Michigan. She was baptized when she was
12 and presently attends with Mike a non-
denominational full gospel church in Madi-
sonville, Kentucky.
Luanne attended schools in Orlando, Florida
and worked at Disney World in 1971 where
she met Mike. She and Mike have worked with
The Way Ministries for two years in Bremen,
Kentucky. Luanne enjoys playing the organ.
She and Mike are expecting their second
child in early September, 1979.

C1. MICHAEL WADE DUPREE, b. 5 October 1972 in
Orlando, Florida


Luanne Dupree, Mike Dupree, Wade Dupree